[РЕШЕНО] missing packages: authselect-compat / Centos 8 / Rocky Linux


When installing Centos 8 / Rocky linux 8 using kickstart from the minimal image (CentOS-8.3.2011-x86_64-minimal.iso, Rocky-8.4-x86_64-minimal.iso) an error appears:

                        missing packages: authselect-compat

The reason for this error is that the authselect-compat package is in the AppStream repository, and this repository is not connected in the minimal distribution image.


In the kickstart file, add the options for adding repositories (for example, for Rocky Linux):

# Create repositories
repo --name=BaseOS --baseurl=https://download.rockylinux.org/pub/rocky/8/BaseOS/x86_64/os/
repo --name=AppStream --baseurl=https://download.rockylinux.org/pub/rocky/8/AppStream/x86_64/os/

These lines are assigned, for example, after the disk partitioning options