08Tc3wBB allegedly has a 0-day vulnerability for iOS 15, but there are no immediate plans to release it

Jailbreakers who have been around for more than a few seasons should recognize this Twitter Handle @ 08Tc3wBB as it is owned by a ZecOps security researcher who touts a wonderful track record of infiltrating iOS and iPadOS.

The picture was updated after @ 08Tc3wBB clarified that the vulnerability had not yet been verified as worthy of disclosure and then said that a responsible disclosure process would be in place in this case.

@ 08Tc3wBB has closed this weekend Twitter to share which can only be described as a thought-provoking tweet.

The tweet indicates that the hacker discovered a 0-day vulnerability that works on iOS and iPadOS 15 and successfully managed to execute arbitrary code – the jargon of security research for code that does not run on a secure iPhone or iPad should be executed.

It’s also worth noting that Apple had exactly 0 days to try to fix it as it is a 0-day security flaw. This means that Apple is currently unaware of the exploit and supports all versions of iOS & iPadOS 15 as Apple has not yet patched it.

It remains to be seen if @ 08Tc3wBB’s 0-day vulnerability would be useful for jailbreaking, and at this point the hacker didn’t seem to have any plans to release it to the general public, but that seems likely to change now if The Vulnerability is proving to be viable and will likely follow a responsible disclosure process to prevent hackers from using it for malicious purposes.

We can only assume that an attribution and publication could occur at some point after Apple finally discovered and patched the vulnerability.

Well worth it, @ 08Tc3wBB has posted kernel exploits in the past, but they certainly weren’t of 0-day caliber.

Indeed, it will be interesting to see how things play out as Apple has implemented a host of new security measures in iOS & iPadOS 15 to make it harder to crack. Even so, talented hackers like @ 08Tc3wBB always seem to find a way around.

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