13+ best Google Chrome Themes and skin in 2021 [Must Try]

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers worldwide. With its unique technology and speed, it has become one of the most reliable browsers in the world. Keeping our customers happy every step of the way has always been a priority. In addition, you may also find additional functions Chrome inform about add-ons.

We also attach great importance to how the atmosphere should be around us when we work. Then why not apply the same to our desktops and computers? Nowadays we spend a lot of time sitting in front of our laptops.

If we could do it for fun, wouldn’t that be interesting? Well for starters Google designs are the best option. They change the appearance of your browser.

I always like to experiment with everything. Be it my choice of clothes, books or topics Google Chrome. It is important to me never to get bored with the same standard subject Chrome. So I change it to a new one every week.

How to customize the theme and appearance in Chrome Computer?

I’ve made a list of some of the best themes for Google Chrome. Let’s see!


Black carbon + silver medal

Are you someone who prefers minimal design to everything else? If so, this theme is perfect for you. It’s everything you wanted and a lot more.

It’s minimal in design and elegant in fashion. Built on dark undertones, this relaxes your eyes and prevents them from trying harder. It’s great for people with headaches and eye problems.

Get black carbon + silver metal

Eiffel Tower

Do you have a strong wanderlust, but COVID-19 has ruined all of your travel plans? Is Paris your dream destination? If you answered yes, then you will be spoiled.

Bring the beauty and grace of Paris to your screens with this elegant theme. Now you can live Parisian life by sitting at home. How interesting!

Download Eiffel Tower

Cath Kidston

Do you consider yourself a fashionista? Then you must know Cath Kidston, a leading UK fashion brand known for its vintage prints and stylish products.

Cath Kidston Google Chrome topic

Now you can bring the Cath Kidston style and design to your desktop screens and improve your game. It will surely add to the charm of your screen.

Download Cath Kidston

Slinky elegant

Are you a fan of themes with dark undertones that don’t have a lot of glitz and glamor? Then Slinky Elegant should be your best choice.

Slinky elegant Chrome topic

It will also clear you of useless distractions that can affect your performance. It’s simple, subtle, and up to date.

Download Slinky Elegant

Dark room

If you are constantly googling images of space and galaxies, then Dark Space is your favorite subject. It takes up space on your screens.

Dark room Chrome Browser theme

In addition, it is based on dark backgrounds, which means that not only does it give you space, but it also doesn’t interfere with your eyes.

Download Dark Space

Beach in the Maldives

Would you like to relax on the beach on a sunny morning? Or just read a book in the shade while the ocean waves cast a spell over you? This topic will do just that.

Beach in the Maldives Chrome subjects

It will take you to the Maldives and regenerate your body and mind. This is the perfect theme to look for when you can’t travel.

Get Beach in the Maldives


If you like to be dreamy and creative at work and your creative half always gets the best out of you, the space theme is for you.

Space theme Google Chrome

Not only will it fuel your creativity, but it will also blend in a way to please your eyes. It also supports more than 15 languages.

Download space

Black-green shards

If green is your favorite color and is soothing to your eyes, this theme is perfect for you. It’s all green and black.

Black-green shards Chrome Theme extension

The background is a variety of shades of green that will add a new freshness to your laptop screens.

Get black and green shards

Morpheon Dark

If you are a big fan of Dark Mode and want to perfectly memorize it as yours Chrome Theme, this theme works best for you.

Morpheon Dark Chrome topic

All minimalist fans will find that this theme is perfect in every way. This topic, trusted by millions, prevents any kind of distraction.

Download Morpheon Dark


We all like a splash of color in our life. Who prefers a monotonous black and white life?

Colours Chrome Theme for browser

This theme will brighten up your home screen with all available shades and keep it positive throughout the day.

Download colors

Unknown space

This theme is another addition to the space theme collection. But unlike the others, this one is better and more unique.

Unknown space Chrome Browser theme

This theme presents a mixture of starry skies and colors. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to explore space and beyond.

Download unknown space

Pink triangles

If you are one of those people who is head over heels for the color pink, then this topic is for you.

Pink triangles Chrome topic

Pink is said to have a calming effect on the eyes and mind. This theme will color everything pink and give them a nice texture of triangles.

Download pink triangles

Galaxy Aero 1440p

If you’ve always had a soft spot for galaxies and universes, this topic will be your new favorite.

Galaxy Aero 1440p Chrome Browser theme

The tabs are transparent against the Galaxy background to make it look gorgeous for you. The Galaxy Aero theme will transport you into the unknown.

Get the Galaxy Aero 1440p


If you are a nature lover and would do anything to enjoy a day outdoors, the topic of beauty will be irresistible to you.

beauty chrome Browser theme extension

With beautiful sunsets, lush green forests and mountains, this theme is sure to become your favorite one.

Download beauty

Bottom line: Chrome subjects

Google Chrome has always done its best to provide great features and services to its users. It also ensures that its users are provided with additional functionality instead of the standard functionality. So it presents its bonus features in the form of add-ons and themes.

With themes, all users can customize their browser home page according to their preferences. Some like minimalist designs or some prefer a simple color, we all have different approaches to google topics. However, Chrome has something in store for everyone. Because of this, I tried based on the best themes available. to cover Chrome so that you can make a wise choice.

I am a great nature lover and that automatically makes beauty my favorite topic as it takes me into the middle of nature on a stressful day. I also admire the Eiffel Tower theme because I love Paris too!

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What is your favorite topic on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should try.

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