2 tools to test internet speed from the command line

This article introduces two command line tools for checking the speed of your Internet connection. This is useful for checking if your ISP does provide the speed it claims, diagnosing possible problems with your Internet connection, etc.

If you want to avoid visiting speedy websites such as speedtest.net, or if you want to measure the current Internet speed of your server / remote computer, you may need to use the command line Internet speed test. You can also use them in scripts. fast Is a simple utility with no dependencies (written in Go) to test the speed of Internet downloads from the terminal. The tool is powered by Netflix Fast.com Service, and runs on Linux, * BSD, Mac, and Windows.
Netflix launched fast.com in May 2016 with the aim of allowing Internet users to test their current Internet speed in a simple and fast way, regardless of whether they are Netflix members. It uses Open Connect CDN, a globally distributed server network for storing and serving Netflix content, which “well represents a performance that can be achieved in real user scenarios.” Post on Netflix TechBlog , Including a lot of technical information (if you’re interested).
The tool is very simple and there is no choice. Run it and the command line utility will test your internet download speed and display the results provided by fast.com.
Fast binaries (and their sources) can be downloaded from the application’s GitHub release page .
You can install it to /usr/local/bin On any Linux distribution, simply download the binary ( fast_linux_amd64 On a 64-bit system), then open a terminal and enter (for 64-bit binary files):

                        sudo install fast_linux_amd64 /usr/local/bin/fast

You can also start from Snapcraft store ( Requires Snapd On your Linux system-installed by default on Ubuntu ):

                        snap install fast

Enter now fast Check your Internet download speed in the terminal. example:

                        $ fast
 -> 10.18 Mbps

Recently seen tools @snapcraftio (Twitter).

How to use speedtest-cli (supported by speedtest.net) to test internet upload and download speeds from a terminal

Speed ​​test Is a command line Python tool to test your internet speed with the following command www.speedtest.net . Using it, you will be able to check the download and upload speed of the Internet and ping.
The tool has many options, including the ability to specify a speedtest.net server to check Internet speed, display all available servers sorted by distance, and only perform the function of download or upload tests. It also has an option to generate and provide a URL to the speedtest.net shared result image. Install speedtest-cli:

  • Debian , Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and other Linux distributions based on Debian or Ubuntu:
                        sudo apt install speedtest-cli
  • Fedora:
                        sudo dnf install speedtest-cli
  • openSUSE:
                        sudo zypper install speedtest-cli
  • Arch Linux / Manjaro:
                        sudo pacman -S speedtest-cli

In other Linux distributions, search for it in the repository and then install it from there. You can also use PIP or from the tool’s GitHub project page .
To use speedtest-cli to test the download and upload speed of the Internet and ping using the server nearest you, run speedtest In the terminal:


Example output:

                        $ speedtest
Retrieving speedtest.net configuration...
Testing from **** (***.**.*.***)...
Retrieving speedtest.net server list...
Selecting best server based on ping...
Hosted by **** [4.27 km]: 2.501 ms
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 6.11 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed..........................................
Upload: 11.67 Mbit/s

To suppress verbose output and show only basic information (excluding your public IP and some other outputs), please append --simple To speedtest command:

                        speedtest --simple

Example output:

                        $ speedtest --simple
Ping: 2.099 ms
Download: 4.37 Mbit/s
Upload: 12.50 Mbit/s

You can see the full list of available internet speed test servers by running:

                        speedtest --list

To test Internet download and upload speeds for a specific server, start from --list Command and use that ID as follows:

                        speedtest --server SERVER-ID

Use the following command to generate and display the URL to the speedtest.net shared result image:

                        speedtest --share

Run speedtest-cli -h See all available options.


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