2D animation app Pencil 2D 0.6.6 released with crash recovery support

The Pencil2D team has announced a new release of 2D animation software with new features and various bug fixes.

Pencil2D is a free open source software for creating 2D hand drawn animations. Lightweight and easy to use, it runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and FreeBSD. It supports both bitmap and vector graphics and allows you to seamlessly switch between the two workflows.

2D animation app Pencil 2D 0.6.6 released with crash recovery support

With the release of version 0.6.6, Pencil2D gets support for crash recovery. The last edited project now opens automatically when the app is launched. And the timeline is currently using the colors of the system palette.

Other changes in the release are:

  • The addition of scrollbars has fixed the issue of user interface overlap at low screen resolutions.
  • “Reset Windows” now resets all subpanels to their initial position
  • Fixed to check for updates that don’t work on Windows.
  • Fixed some issues with disabling the frame cache
  • Fixed other tablet / mouse stroke issues
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed new layer naming
  • Fixed a broken polyline tool

Download / Install Pencil2D:

This project provides the official Linux binaries through the Appimage package. It can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Pencil2D (.appimage)

Get the package and of the file[プロパティ]->[権限]Grant execute permission on the tab. Finally double-click to run and launch the software.

For your choice, you can install Pencil2D via the Universal Flatpak package. See this tutorial for more information.

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