3 best ways to upload photos to Google Drive from Android

Google Drive that Cloud- Google’s storage service, has made our lives easier in several ways. You can store photos or other types of files in it and access them from any device or part of the world. Storing photos on Google Drive helps save them without using a PC. But how do you save photos from Android phone to Google Drive? Here is how to upload photos from Android phone to Google Drive.

You can upload photos and other files to Google Drive from Android-based phones and tablets in three different ways. Of these three, you have to do it manually Add photos to Google Drive on the first two ways. The third method helps in syncing photos with Drive automatically.

Let’s review the methods.

Method 1: Upload using the Google Drive app

One of the easiest ways to upload single or multiple photos, videos, etc. to Google Drive is to use the built-in upload function in the Google Drive app.

Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Install the Google Drive Android app on your phone if it is not already installed.

Step 2: Launch the Google Drive app on your phone. Now you can upload the photos either directly to the root directory or to a specific folder. For the latter, tap the folder to open it, then follow the next step.

step 3 : Tap the floating Add icon and click the Upload button on the pop-up screen.

Upload photos from Android 2 to Google Drive

Step 4: The File Explorer app will open. Tap the photo that you want to upload to Google Drive. The photo will be added to Google Drive and you will see the status of the photo.

Upload photos from Android 11 to Google Drive

Upload photos from Android 12 to Google Drive

Tip 1: upload multiple photos

To upload multiple photos, touch and hold one of the photos to select it. Then tap other photos to select them. Finally, tap the Select option at the top to upload it to Drive. The app will take you to the Google Drive screen where the file upload will take place.

Upload photos from Android 3 to Google Drive

Upload photos from Android 4 to Google Drive

Tip 2: view more files

When File Explorer opens, you will only see recently used files. Tap the three-bar icon at the top to browse photos in other folders. Alternatively, you can view and open any other gallery app to upload photos directly from File Explorer.

Upload photos from Android 5 to Google Drive

Method 2: Upload directly from other apps

With this method, you don’t have to open the Google Drive app every time you want to add photos. You can use the Share menu from any app – be it a file manager, gallery, or chat app – to upload photos to any Google Drive folder.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch the app from which you want to add the photo to Google Drive. Open the photo you want or select multiple photos.

Step 2: Tap the share icon. Look for Drive (or Save to Drive icon) in the menu. Tap on it.

Upload photos from Android 6 to Google Drive

Upload photos from Android 7 to Google Drive

step 3 : The Save to Drive screen opens. Enter the name of the photo or use the suggested name. Select the required account when adding multiple accounts. Also, select the Google Drive folder where you want to save the photo. Tap the options to select a different account or folder.

Upload photos from Android 8 to Google Drive

For folders, you will be redirected to the Google Drive app. Use the back button at the top to navigate and select the folder you want. Once you’re in the folder you want, tap Select at the bottom.

Upload photos from Android 9 to Google Drive

Step 4: You will be taken back to the Save to Drive screen. Tap on Save.

Upload photos from Android 10 to Google Drive

Can you delete photos from gallery after adding them to Google Drive?

Many users wonder if they can delete pictures from their phone’s Gallery app after uploading them to Google Drive. The answer is yes, provided you use the two methods above. After you’ve uploaded the photos to Drive, you can safely delete them from the Gallery app. The two are not linked like in Google Photos. You can still view them in Google Drive. However, don’t delete them from the Google Drive app.

Method 3: automatically sync photos and add folders

The above two methods are limited in their functionality. First, Google Drive doesn’t have an auto-sync photo feature. Second, you can’t upload folders to Drive using the mobile app. You must use Drive on the computer for the same purpose.

Fortunately, both of these limitations can be bypassed using third-party apps. We’ve covered how to automatically sync photos to Google Drive and upload folders to Google Drive on Android.

Make regular backups

The above methods should have helped you with saving photos on Google Drive. If you need to upload a large number of photos, do not upload them all at once. Synchronization problems can often occur due to network or other issues. We recommend breaking them up into small groups and then uploading each group separately.

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