3 ways to check your Wi-Fi password on Ubuntu

Did you forget your wireless access point password? Well, there are several ways to find it on Ubuntu.

Option 1.) Use system wifi settings:

First, if Ubuntu is running in the default desktop environment. Just go to the Wi-Fi settings from the system tray menu.

Then click the gear button after the currently connected access point to go to the settings page.[セキュリティ]Go to tabs and finally[パスワードを表示]Check out to get the password.

Option 2.) Get the Wi-Fi password via the connection profile.

For other desktop environments or the command line, use the file manager to go to the / etc / NetworkManager / system-connections directory or run the command in the terminal.

cd /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections && ls

All saved network connections are displayed. Simply open the desired text in your favorite text editor (requires root privileges) or by running a command.

sudo cat FILENAME.connection

When you open the file, you will see the password under the wifi-security section.

Option 3.) A single command to tell your Wi-Fi password:

If you don’t like Linux commands, you can run one of the following commands to print the currently connected Wi-Fi password.

nmcli device wifi show-password

This command works on all Linux systems. It also outputs a QR code for sharing with friends.

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