5+ best AdBlocker extensions for Microsoft Edge in 2021

Microsoft Edge is one of the few best browsers out there from the start. No matter how much the other browsers have risen to fame, this one will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts.

not to forget that Microsoft Edge is preinstalled in almost all Windows laptops and computers. It’s an obvious choice for users all over the world.

We use our browser for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s surfing for our work or playing music, we do everything through the web browser. When we’re working on something important or preparing for a test presentation, the ads and popups in the browser can often distract our attention and annoy us.

It can cause so much frustration that we may even forget what we were working on. I am sure you have seen the same thing many times.

Adblocker hurts the revenue of content creators and publishers like me who offer free services. If possible, please put BrowserHow.com on the whitelist of advertising blocks. Thank you for your understanding!

Well don’t worry. We have a solution. My brother faced the same problem when he studied for his exam the next day. The video commercials distracted him so much that he ended up closing the laptop and walking away. So I decided to help him.

How to block misleading ads in Edge Computer?

We’ve compiled a list of the best adblock add-ons for you Edge that can help block all types of ads. Including display, videos and pop-up advertisements.


Ad blocker

If you get annoyed easily about the ads on your favorite websites then the AdBlock browser extension is your solution. It blocks ads from your favorite websites.

It can help you stay focused and block unnecessary ads YouTube, Facebook, and so forth.

Some of the important functions of AdBlock are :

  • It can block ads, pop-ups, and even video ads on your favorite websites.
  • It blocks third-party trackers and helps you protect your privacy and security.
  • You can customize everything and choose the themes too.
  • It will make the page load longer and improve it for you.

Even though it has a lot of amazing features, AdBlock still has some drawbacks. Features are limited in the free version and most of them are available in the paid version.

Download AdBlock

Adblock Plus

If you want to enjoy seamless streaming on YouTube, then this browser add-on is for you. It is one of the most trusted ad blockers in the world.

Not only does it block ads or pop-ups, but it also protects your privacy and helps you stay safe.

Some of the main features of Adblock Plus are :

  • It blocks irritating video ads and banners as well as popups.
  • It protects your privacy by protecting you from fraud or malware.
  • It also stops third party apps to keep track of your web activity.
  • You can experience faster surfing at your fingertips.

However, AdBlock Plus still has a few bugs that need to be fixed. Adblock Plus may also have access to your data at some point, but that’s pretty negligible.

Download AdBlock Plus


Ghostery is one of the most powerful ad blockers of all time. It is very popular because of its easy-to-use interface, blocking quality, etc.

It also improves your privacy and security, and protects your personal information by all means.

Ghostery data protection and AdBlocker Edge Add to

To name just a few of the features of Ghostery :

  • It removes all unnecessary content from a website so you can focus on the content of your choice.
  • It allows you to view and block trackers that are collecting your data.
  • It helps you get your job done faster by optimizing the web pages according to their quality.
  • All default settings can be updated at will.

However, Ghostery can sometimes be delayed and not completely block all ads. This can cause inconvenience later.

Download Ghostery

AdGuard AdBlocker

If you’re looking for one Edge Add-on that uses half the memory as its competitors then you’ve got a treat. AdGuard AdBlocker is the perfect addition for you.

AdGuard AdBlocker helps in blocking ads from Facebook, YouTube, among other websites.

AdGuard AdBlocker Edge renewal

Some of the distinctive features of AdGuard are AdBlocker :

  • It blocks video ads, banners, pop-ups, and text ads.
  • It improves web page loading by removing unwanted data.
  • It uses half the memory that the other blockers are using.
  • It also protects you from being tricked by third party apps.

While AdGuard Ad Blocker is better than many of its competitors, it hasn’t been updated with the latest features in a long time.

Download AdGuard AdBlocker

uBlock Origin

What sets uBlock Origin apart from the rest is its ability to function fully with a small amount of memory and provide numerous filters.

It can activate thousands of more filters than any other blocker.

uBlock Origin Edge Add to

Some of the great features of uBlock Origin are :

  • You can enable or disable it with one click.
  • It’s free.
  • They have numerous filters that you can apply on a website to be ad-free.
  • It has less memory footprint than others.

While it can do so much, uBlock Origin is nothing without its preset filters. It’s also a version that is still in development and so may have issues that need to be fixed.

Download uBlock Origin

AdBlocker Ultimate

If you want your undivided attention to be on your work, rather than malicious advertisements, this extension should be your choice. AdBlocker Ultimate was developed with the same purpose in mind.

Adblocker Ultimate blocks all ads and other content that could distract your attention.

AdBlocker Ultimate Microsoft Edge Chromium extension

Some of the important features of AdBlocker Ultimate are :

  • It blocks ads, pop-ups, and anything else that is undesirable.
  • It helps block malware and other spam.
  • It prevents your data from leakage by blocking third party websites.
  • Also, you can easily accept ads to be displayed.

Although there are so many benefits to AdBlocker Ultimate, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed. It can often slow down your browser’s performance if one or two ads are not blocked. The functions are limited in the free version.

Get AdBlocker Ultimate

Bottom line: Microsoft Edge AdBlock add-ons

We all want to work in an atmosphere that is free from distractions so that we can work smoothly and efficiently. These ads often negatively affect our minds and give way to lost productivity. While working on Microsoft Edge, we all want out of here.

To find a solution to this problem, we’re looking for help with ad blocking add-ons. We have mentioned the best in the list above so that you can make your choices. All in all, they should suit your needs.

The ad blocking extensions also helped my brother study for his tests without the distraction. He could only concentrate on his studies and even scored points the next day. He thanked me very much for that.

10+ best Microsoft Edge Extensions You Must Have!

What is your preferred AdBlocking add-on that is installed on it? Edge Chrome?

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should try.

window Mac OS iOS Android Linux
Chrome window Chrome Mac Chrome iOS Chrome Android Firefox Linux
Firefox window Safari Mac Safari iOS Edge Android Chrome Linux
Edge window Firefox Mac Edge iOS Samsung internet Edge Linux

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