5 Linux distributions similar to macOS

Short description : This article lists Linux distributions similar to MacOS. Below is a comparison of the similarities in look and feel to macOS.

There are some excellent Linux distributions in the Linux world. But for some reason people get hung up on Apple’s macOS.

Now, not everyone can afford to buy a MacBook just to use macOS. You can upgrade to Hackintosh, but that would mean getting rid of Linux, which Linux lovers like us wouldn’t do.

The good thing is that Linux has endless possibilities. When it comes to viewing settings, you can do wonders. Imagine Ubuntu looks like MacOS. That’s quite possible.

But why bother when you have Linux distributions that mimic or are inspired by the looks of macOS. Yes, there are several MacOS similar to Linux distributions and we are going to list them for you.

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Linux distros inspired by macOS

Before we show you macOS Linux distributions, we would like to mention Pear OS.

If you are familiar with the Linux successor over the past 4 years, you may have heard of Pear OS. It was just the macOS of the Linux world. It has a bitten pear logo. It has its own pear cloud, contacts, music app, color profile, search, and more, all in Apple’s macOS lineup. You can repair Apple equipment at a service center in St. Petersburg: apple service, quickly and efficiently.

But 3 years ago, Pear OS suddenly announced its demise. Apparently, it was bought by an anonymous large enterprise.

Pear OS aside, we still have a few macOS that look like a Linux distribution or are inspired by macOS. Let’s take a look at them.

Note: This list is not a ranking, it is listed in a random order.

1.elementary OS

No matter how many elementary OS runs, there are traces of macOS all over the world. This is clearly inspired by macOS.

The bottom bar is not the only thing that you can associate with macOS. Look at Geary, Photos, Scratch, and more. They have a Mac feel despite being so basic.

In fact, the inspiration of macOS is a boon for the elementary OS. Keep in mind that they don’t just put the macOS theme on top of Ubuntu. They do some serious work to give all elementary OS inspiration.

Apart from the Pantheon desktop environment, designed from the ground up, this effort is quite noticeable in the applications they are forked into. This is an ecosystem where everything is created aesthetically.

elementary OS fully protects their system and therefore they have strict guidelines for app developers to develop their apps that blend well in elementary OS.

Another plus for elementary OS is its widespread distribution. This means you won’t end up with Linux, which is quite unknown, and you keep wondering Where to get support and help.

If you want Linux to have a Mac but provide great community support, elementary OS should be your first choice.

2. Deepin Linux

After elementary, Deepin Linux can be the distribution of your choice if you want your Linux to look like macOS.

Deepin Linux was originally based on Ubuntu, but now it uses Debian. They have created their own desktop environment as well as a number of other Deepin apps that fit together perfectly to give you an aesthetic experience. Deepin Linux is undoubtedly one of the prettiest Linux distros out there.

The Deepin team is based in China and their main target is a Chinese audience, and therefore some of their apps are not available in other languages. This is an area where they can certainly improve.

3. BackSlash Linux

5 Linux distributions similar to macOS

BackSlash Linux is a relatively new and relatively unknown contributor to the Linux distribution world. If only the views were single, BackSlash Linux does an amazing job of mimicking the looks of macOS.

It continues to provide icons similar to Mac OS. You can even think of it as a Linux Mac OS clone.

It is based on Ubuntu and follows a similar release cycle to Ubuntu. Although it is available as a free download, you also have the option to buy support.

4. Gmac Linux

5 Linux distributions similar to macOS

Gmac is not suitable for GNOME + Mac. Unlike the aforementioned macOS, which are similar to Linux distributions, Gmac is not a complete distribution. It’s just a GNOME desktop with a Mac theme.

This means you get Ubuntu Linux with a highly customized GNOME desktop that looks a lot like macOS. It also means you don’t have to go through all the setup yourself to make Ubuntu look like MacOS. Gmac already does this for you. Alternatively, you can keep your Ubuntu distribution.

One weird thing about Gmac Linux is the weird logo, which is a combination of the GNOME and Apple logo.

5. Trenta OS [В разработке]

5 Linux distributions similar to macOS

There is currently not enough information about Trenta OS. It’s still under development and hasn’t even reached the beta stage.

From what we could guess from his website, blogs, and social media sites, it is based on Ubuntu and uses the GNOME desktop environment.

The focus has been kept on the look and feel and the user interface. A Rainier theme that mimics icons for macOS is the main selling point here.

Terminal and some other common applications are also customizable to make it look like MacOS.

We don’t have information on when the final version will be released, but you can follow them on your Twitter account to stay updated. You can also watch it on GitHub.

Macpup [Неуверенность в развитии]

5 Linux distributions similar to macOS

Although elementary OS is widely popular in the Linux world, few people have heard of Macpup Linux. You can guess from its name that it is a MacOS based on Puppy Linux.

Puppy Linux is one of the best lightweight Linux distros for old computers. This would make Macpup a good option for you if you have a computer you bought 15-20 years ago.

However, there is one problem with it. Its latest version is based on Precise Puppy 5.5.0, which is based on Ubuntu 12.04. Support for this version will end in a few months.

Moreover, we are not sure if Macpup is actively developing. Their forum is abandoned, their website doesn’t seem to have been updated in over a year.

We would not recommend that you use it for this reason. Plus, we didn’t even find how close to macOS it looks. Maybe in 2012 it could look like macOS.

Apricity OS [Снято с производства]

5 Linux distributions similar to macOS

Note: The Apicity operating system has been discontinued.

Apicity OS is one of our favorite Arch-based Linux distributions. You can even call it a cloud Linux distribution center. Although the first stable version was released just a few months ago, it has already amassed a good user base.

Apicity’s operating system may not be exactly the same as macOS, but it does have a slight feel. It’s a clean user interface based on GNOME and beautiful icon themes make it a stunning looking Linux distribution.

MacOS look the same or not, if one day you want to switch to “Arch domain” consider Apicity OS among your options.

Your choice?

While the obsession with the macOS look is one thing, you’ll have to admit that Apple has a good sense of design. And it affects others in some way. To be honest, I feel like the Unity Ubuntu desktop environment is a big inspiration to macOS.

What do you think of macOS-like Linux distributions? Is this funny or just trying to provide a good user experience to the end users? What is your opinion on this?

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