6 best novels to read in 2020

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2020 may not be the year expected by many people around the world. This is the moment when everyone wants to have a seventh sense or the ability to predict any cruel events so that they can prepare, avoid or obey any undesirable conditions that follow. In any case, here, we are all working hard with the world, we take spontaneous action, and hope to change with the healing.

However, if you are a nerd, then a nerd who prospers in the infinite stimulation, story and imagination of a novelist, you know that there is no substitute for a wonderful companion with a novel. Depending on the genre you are born with, the following list of novels may arouse some interest and subsequently inspire you to add a book or two to your library or reading list within this appropriate period.

“A new day, a new beginning”

1. Become – Michelle Obama

In a life full of meaning and achievements, Michelle Obama became one of the most iconic and attractive women of our time. As the first lady of the United States of America, she was the first African-American to hold this position. She helped build the most enthusiastic and inclusive White House in history, while also establishing herself as a woman and girl in the United States and surrounding areas. The status of strong advocates. In the world, this has dramatically changed the way families pursue healthier and more active lives, and stood with their husbands as they led the United States through the most painful moments.

In the memoir, Michelle Obama is a work that thinks deeply and tells stories, invites listeners to enter her world, and records the experiences that shaped her-from her childhood in Chicago ’s South District to her balance Motherhood and hard work made her spend at the most famous address in the world. She described her victory and disappointment in public and private in her own language and in her own language with firm honesty and lively wit, and told the whole story of her life.

Enthusiastically, wisely and enlighteningly, “being” is a profound personal calculation of the soul and the essence of the woman. She has always firmly resisted expectations, and this story inspired us to do it.

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Become Michelle Obama

2. Where does raw child sing

With over 6 million copies sold, this should strongly convey the message that this novel stands confidently on the podium of the best-selling book.

For years, rumors of “Swamp Girls” have plagued Barkley Bay, a quiet town off the coast of North Carolina. Therefore, at the end of 1969, when the handsome Chase Andrews was found dead, the locals immediately suspected the so-called Kash Clark girl. But Kya is not what they said. She is sensitive and clever, only survived for several years in the swamp she called home, found friends among the seagulls, and found lessons on the beach. Then it was time for her to be moved and loved. When two young people from the town were attracted by her wild charm, Kya started her new life-until something incredible happened.

Crawdads Sing immediately became an ode to the natural world, a heartbreaking adult story, and a surprising story of possible murder. Owens reminds us that we are always shaped by the children we used to be, and all of us are bound by the beautiful and violent secrets preserved by nature.

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raw singing place6 best novels to read in 2020

3. Under the scarlet sky: a novel

The author Mark Sullivan is a famous writer of 18 novels. Mark’s writing has won numerous awards, including the WHSmith Fresh Talent Award, and his work has been awarded the “New York Times” famous book and the “Los Angeles Times” annual book. Now, regarding the “scarlet sky”:

Pino Lella did not want to have anything to do with war or Nazis. He is an ordinary Italian teenager obsessed with music, food and girls, but his innocent days are endless. After being destroyed by Allied bombs at his home in Milan, Pino joined an underground railway to help the Jews cross the Alps and fell down Anna, a beautiful widow six years older than him.

To protect him, Pino’s parents forced him to enlist in the army and become a German soldier-they thought the move would free him from combat. But after Pino was injured, he was recruited at the age of 18 and became General Hans Leyers, one of the most mysterious and powerful commanders of the Third Reich, and became Adolf of Italy Hitler (Adolf Hitler) left personal driver.

Now, Pino has the opportunity to secretly monitor the Allied forces of the German High Command and endure the horrors of war and Nazi occupation through secret battles. His love for Anna has inspired his courage. He dreams of living such a day. share it.

All the bright fans, nightingales and uninterrupted fans we cannot see will enjoy this history, suspense and the legend of love.

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Under the scarlet sky: a novel6 best novels to read in 2020

4. Eleanor Oliphant is all right: a novel

Gail Honeyman is a creative and attractive writer. After writing this novel, she won awards around the world, including the Costa Rica First Novel Award, the British Book Award Book of the Year and the BAMB Reader’s Choice Award. The following is a brief introduction to Eleanor Olivent’s “Finely Fine” novel:

Meet Eleanor Oliphant: She feels struggling with proper social skills and tends to speak her mind. In her carefully arranged timetable to avoid social interaction, there is nothing to miss, there are many frozen pizzas, vodka and phone calls with mummy on weekends.

However, when Eleanor met Raymond, everything changed. When she and Raymond rescued the elderly gentleman Sammy who fell on the sidewalk, the three became friends of mutual help, and they were rescued from the isolated life that they had been living with each other. Eventually, Raymond’s strong mind will help Eleanor find a way to repair a heart that has suffered serious injuries.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Fullly Fine will soon become a major film produced by Reese Witherspoon, telling the cleverness, enthusiasm and inspiring of an extraordinary heroine The story, her expressionless weirdness and unconscious wit made her realize an irresistible journey. . .

The only way to survive is to open your heart

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Eleanor Oliphant is totally good: a novel6 best novels to read in 2020

5. Little fire everywhere: a novel

Celeste Ng is a best-selling author of “Never Tell You Everything”. He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Shak Heights, Ohio, and became a best-seller again. “Small Fire Everywhere” is a fascinating novel that describes the fate of the flawless Richardsons and the mother-daughter of the ill-fated mother.

Calm in Cleveland, the peaceful suburb of Shaker Heights, everything is planned, from the winding road layout to the colors of the houses, to the residents continue to live a successful life. No one embodies this spirit better than Elena Richardson, whose guiding principle is to follow the rules.

Enter Mia Warren (a mysterious artist and single mother), enter this idyllic bubble with her teenage daughter Pearl, and rent a house from Richardsons. Soon, Mia and Pearl were no longer tenants: all four children of Richardson attracted a mother and daughter. However, Mia took her a mysterious past, ignoring the status quo, and threatened to subvert this carefully arranged community.

When the Richardson family’s friends and family tried to adopt a Chinese-American baby, a custody war broke out, which caused a huge division in the town and put Mia and Elena in opposition. Elena doubts Mia and her motives, so she is determined to reveal the secrets of Mia’s past. But her obsession will come at the cost of an unexpected and destructive price.

“Little Fire Everywhere” explores the pressure of secrets, the nature and identity of art, and the cruel temptation to motherhood, and the belief that following the rules can avoid the danger of disaster.

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Little fire everywhere: novels6 best novels to read in 2020

6. American Dirt (Oprah Book Club): a novel

Lydia Quixano Pérez lives in the Mexican city of Acapulco. She runs a bookstore. She has a son, Luca, the love of her life, and an outstanding husband, a journalist. Although cracks began to appear in Acapulco due to drug cartels, her life was generally very comfortable.

Although Lydia knew they would never sell books, she kept some of her favorite books in the store. Then one day, a man entered the store to browse and brought a few books he wanted to buy to the cash register, two of which were her favorites. Javier is very versatile. He is charming. Moreover, little is known about Lydia, the thief who took over the city’s newest drug cartel. When the easy-to-understand profiles of Lydia ’s husband Javier are released, their lives will not be the same again.

Lydia and eight-year-old Luca were forced to flee and soon found themselves far away from a comfortable middle-class life. Lydia and Luca immediately became immigrants. They took the la bestia train and ran north to the United States. This was the only place Javier could reach. When they joined countless people trying to reach the north, Lydia soon discovered that everyone was escaping certain challenges. But what are they doing?

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American Dirt (Oprah Book Club): a novel6 best novels to read in 2020


When you enter your own “region”, you can relax and read the author’s story, which will stimulate your thoughts, release stress, increase creativity and expand your psychological horizons.

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