7 casino movies you should search on Netflix

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A good casino movie will never disappoint you because of luck, excitement and excitement. Novels do not always portray the real situation of casinos and gamblers. But there are a few casino movies based on real stories that are awesome. They are a great way to entertain and you can even choose some playing skills. New Zealand online casino. Here are some casino titles you should look for on Netflix.

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Liar (1961)

This title is one of the earliest titles in the gambling category. This is the story of a young talented player who aspires to be the King. “Fast” Eddie took over as the leader, “Minnesota Fats”, proved he is the best. Despite his failure, Eddie’s overconfidence and courage are still admirable.

Cincinnati Kid (1965)

The film also tells the story of a loser who was fed up with being at the bottom of the stack and wanted the shortcut to reach the top. It follows the hopes and ambitions of Eric Stoner (Steve McQueen) (also known as the Cincinnati Kid). Stoner, the king of high stakes stud poker, will beat Edward G. Robinson (Edward G. Robinson). The child was beaten, but they said that it is better to try and fail than not to try.

Tricheurs (1984)

Film critics say that this movie may be the greatest gambling movie of all time, if not because it is in French. What followed was a man who struggled with gambling addiction, and this struggle gradually defeated him. He is turning, ignoring the gambling tomorrow. He met a manipulative lover, and when they used each other’s negative energy, they went on a cheating journey with them.

Round People (1998)

You will like this movie if you are Amateur poker player. It follows the ups and downs of two successful Mike McDermott (Mike Damon) and Lester Walm Murphy (Edward Norton). Patrolmen are gamblers who look for prey in high-stakes underground poker games.

The two are looking for a high-stakes poker game to repay a debt owed to them by a shady figure. They will not stop everything, including cheating in order to win. Their lives actually depend on this, because they only have five days to pay off.

The Hawker: The Story of Stu Enga (2003)

This movie is based on the true story of Stu Ungar, who is regarded as the greatest poker genius of all time. This is the result of Stu’s multiple championships in the biggest poker tournament from his childhood to the moment. Champion of the World Series of Poker.

Stu won the WSOP in 1980 and 1981 and then fell into obsession. He recovered and won the game in 1997, which is one of the greatest comeback stories in poker. This is a story of the fate of a gambler, mixed with compulsion and confidence.

Cooler (2003)

The job of the cooler in land-based casinos is to prevent players from winning excessive bonuses, which is a loss to the casino. This movie follows Bernie Lords (William H. Macy) to become cool in a Las Vegas casino. He has found love and is trying to reconcile with a estranged son. He also tried to get rid of the cooler life and live a more honest life.

Grindel, Mississippi (2015)

Two amateur poker players Ben Mendelsohn (Gerry) and Ryan Reynolds (Curtis) embarked on a journey, and they hope they can make a fortune from poker. They want to participate in the big games in New Orleans, hoping to live like a king there. But it turns out that getting there is much more difficult than they thought.

If you like an exciting game, please search for these titles on Netflix and you will have great fun.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose