7 exciting TV themes to spice up your Windows desktop

If you can’t go a week without your favorite TV shows, why not bring entertaining moments to your Windows desktop with some awesome TV themes? Whether you’re a solo binger or love to watch shows with friends, here are seven of the most exciting TV themes and backgrounds for Windows 10, with some iconic TV shows, popular classics, sci-fi, fantasy and award-winning dramas, and Comedies.

1. Squid game

There’s an excellent chance you’ve heard of Squid Game before. It was released on September 17, 2021 and became an instant hit worldwide.

This South Korean survival drama from Netflix became number one in 94 countries including the United States and the United Kingdom in the first four weeks of launch.

The critically acclaimed and addicting Squid Game features a competition between 456 players, all of whom are deeply in debt. But it’s not an ordinary competition. All gamblers risk their lives to play a series of deadly kids’ games for the chance of winning 45.6 billion yen (approximately $ 38 million).

Bring the squid game challenge to your desktop with 13 HD wallpapers in this theme from Windows themes.

2. game of Thrones

You’d probably agree that this adorable epic has to be the greatest game of all on TV. Over eight seasons, Game of Thrones gained quite a cult following, with fans stopping to watch each new episode.

Game of Thrones is set on the mythical continent of Westeros and lets the powerful families of the seven kingdoms fight for the Iron Throne. It’s a compelling mix of nobility and honor, betrayal and political turmoil, conquest and victory, and wolves and dragons. In addition, the detailed and memorable characters are burned into the memory.

Relive the aura of this fantasy epic with the desktop theme by Theme package consisting of 23 wonderful wallpapers.

3. friends

How can Friends not be on a list of the top TV series? Even 27 years after the hugely popular sitcom debuted, it is still attracting new young fans.

As James Corden notes in Friends: The Reunion, which aired in May 2021, there were six of that iconic show close Friends in Manhattan was viewed over 100 billion times across all platforms.

Yes, the fun, sweet and charming everyday adventures of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross are wonderful to experience.

You will bond with the romance and friendship, the crazy situations and the coffee sessions in Central Perk. And of course with the friends themselves, who strike a nerve with their unique individual qualities.

Beautify your desktop with the Friends design by Theme package with the title gang.

4th Mare from Easttown

This thriller in the background of small town life will captivate and guess you until the moving end. You will solve the case with Detective Sergeant Mare Sheehan, a tough and complex police officer who grapples with personal losses while she is detained close Relationships.

Oscar winner Kate Winslet shines as Mare Sheehan from Easttown, Pennsylvania. Her handicraft gives Mares’ character as a daughter, as a friend and as a partner of Zabel, played by Evan Peters, deep dimensions.

This intoxicating drama won the Emmys 2021 for Outstanding Lead Actress, Supporting Actress and Actress in a Limited Edition or Anthology Series won by Kate Winslet, Evan Peters and Julianne Nicholson, respectively.

Restore the magic of the Mare of Easttown with the collection of wallpapers from Background imageCave. Since this is not a compiled desktop theme, just click the image you want to download to download the wallpaper and set it as your desktop wallpaper.

5. The crown

This historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II is a great show in every way. The brilliant production, the attention to detail, the locations and the elaborate sets make it a delightful watch.

But above all, the cast of the show, which portrays British royalty and top ministers, are the masterful performances. John Lithgow is brilliant as Churchill. And Claire Foy bagged the Emmy for Best Actress in 2018 as a young queen.

In 2021, The Crown was awarded an Emmy for best drama series. The leading actors also achieved great success: Queen Olivia Colman was the best leading actress, Josh O’Connor was honored as Prince Charles as best leading actor and Gillian Anderson won the Emmy for best supporting actress for her role as the imposing Margaret Thatcher.

Bring the royals to your desktop with the majestic wallpapers of WallpapersDen. Just click the image you want to download the wallpaper and set it as your desktop background.

6th Schitts Creek

It’s warm, happy, and hilarious – it’s Schitt’s Creek. This feel-good comedy series about the newly bankrupt Rose family will make you smile and scream with joy. In the crazy town of Schitt’s Creek, you’ll discover love, friendship, family togetherness and more.

This brilliantly written show has unforgettable characters that come to life in the outstanding performances of the main cast. No wonder Schitt’s Creek ruled the 2020 Emmy Awards. In addition to winning the Best Comedy Series Award, the show also won the Emmys for Best Leading Actress, Actress, Supporting Actress, and Supporting Actress.

You can download the fun atmosphere of Schitt’s Creek with this collection of wallpapers from Background imageCave. Just click the image you want to download the wallpaper and set it as your desktop background.

7th The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is a fascinating space western that presents Stars Wars at its best. This story about Mando, a bounty hunter with gun slingshots, and his connection with the lovable adorable baby Yoda, Grogu, will keep you glued to the silver screen.

Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, The Mandalorian will amaze you with its gripping action, fascinating stunts and breathtaking landscapes. Not to mention the incredible visual imagery that led to the show winning the 2021 Emmy for Outstanding Visual Special Effects in a Season or Movie.

Download the amazing Mandalorian design from the. down Topic10 site. This is hands down the best way to spice up your PC with scenes from a galaxy far, far away.

Turn your desktop into a star-studded display case

Now that you know how to download these TV themes and wallpapers. Do it now and transform your Windows desktop to keep you entertained while working, chatting, and playing.

Bring your desktop to life with the best of action, emotion, drama and thrills in television. And of course your favorite stars.

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