8 platforms can save you headaches in college

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Are you overwhelmed by the academic burden? Chances are, you just didn’t use all the resources that can make your student life easier! At the same time, there are many out there.

Today, we will provide you with a list of some basic platforms that will save you from the hassle of going to college. continue reading! Image Source: pixabay


Although everyone knows that Wikipedia cannot be used as a reliable source of reference, the platform is still one of the most popular websites on the Internet. The reason is obvious: it is accessible and will be updated regularly.

Therefore, if your paper requires that you must not use Wikipedia, remember that this means you should not cite it. However, you can still find information here and then trace it back to the original source. If the site is credible, that is, it has been peer-reviewed, add it to your reference list at any time.

2. YouTube

This is another very popular platform, and you may not have thought that it might be useful for your studies. However, YouTube is convenient and convenient, and it is also very suitable as a main source of reference, and contains a lot of information on almost any topic.

In addition, if you use the right channels, for example, official channels that you own or any other university, channels from national and international organizations, etc., it is more reliable than Wikipedia.

There are also many educational channels provided by professional teachers and student assistance services on YouTube. You can use them to get much-needed explanations on certain topics, from essay writing to Mathematics to History.

3. Study

If the explanations on Wikipedia and YouTube are not enough, and you feel that you need one-on-one courses to catch up on a topic, please use an online tutoring service such as Studify.

There you can easily Find a tutor Can help you solve any topic, whether it is STEM or the humanities. With its reasonable price, the platform will not bankrupt you, if you need any college admission advice, you can also buy it there.

4. Khan Academy

In the past year, MOOC has become very popular, and Khan Academy is one of the most widely recognized institutions. The platform is easy to use, suitable for both high school and high school students. University student, And has a huge resource database covering a wide range of subject areas.

You can use Khan Academy as a comprehensive online school, but most students see it as a convenient reference resource. There are many animation teaching videos on this platform, which explain some complex topics clearly, which is very suitable for most students (including college students).

If you need more similar reference materials, or just want to deepen your understanding of a specific topic or topic, you can also use other popular MOOCs, such as:

  • Coursera;
  • edX;
  • Udimi
  • Alison

Live and learnImage Source: pixabay

5. GoConqr

If you like more complicated learning tools, Continue to join the GoConqr community. This platform can exist as a portal or as a mobile application. It unites students from all over the world and helps them share their ideas, experiences and learning materials.

In addition, GoConqr can also be used as a learning tool because you can do some interesting things there, such as creating shared mind maps or flashcards. Not to mention that for like-minded students who are interested in similar topics, this is a perfect way to communicate.

6. World Digital Library

Of course, your school has its own library-maybe even a large library. But can you access it 24/7? Probably not-not to mention that you have to go there in person to get the book you need.

Fortunately, this is the 21st century, and we have (in most cases) a digital library that is more convenient to use. The WDL operated by UNESCO and the Library of Congress contains rare and major resources related to world culture, such as books, manuscripts, maps, photos, music scores, etc.

All materials in WDL can be used free of charge. As of 2018, the repository contains more than 18,000 items.


Another large digital library is JSTOR, which stands for Journal Storage. The database provides free access to a large number of books and academic and academic articles covering a wide range of disciplines and disciplines.

JSTOR is particularly useful for people studying the humanities, because it contains a large number of resources on topics such as philosophy, art, history, and sociology. Most of the resources are full text, and many of the resources have been peer reviewed, and these contents will be published one after another. It is very convenient if you are assigned an academic paper.

If you need more resources, there are some other notable databases, such as:

  • Eric
  • EBSCO;
  • PubMed.

In addition, you can also use Google Scholar in the research process. Although this is not a database, but a search engine, it can still be of great help because it can filter out irrelevant results.

8. TED

If you need to relax and relax while still learning something new and interesting, please don’t miss the famous TED talk.Although not always Especially educationalThese discussions are usually very interesting, and they can also provide your brain with enough thinking ability so that you don’t find yourself looking for ideas when you need them.

In addition to TED lectures, there is also a TED-Ed project, which provides short video courses on a wide range of academic topics, which can be used as a reference.

Final thoughts

With all modern technologies, learning has become easier for today’s students. Now, it’s easier than ever to find all the necessary resources, get academic help, improve knowledge and improve grades. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to become a better student! The resources listed above will be your trusted allies in this mission.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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