9+ best Opera Browser add-ons and extensions in 2021!

Opera Browser is one of the most underrated browsers used by people all over the world. Even though it comes with so many amazing features that make this browser unique and different from the others. With its intelligent surfing and its speed, Opera is one of the top browsers in the world.

However, it’s not as popular as Google Chrome. Yet, Opera has exceeded Chrome in some of its functions. In addition to this, it also offers its users extensions so that they can access the features that the browser itself does not. The extensions are a great option for people who have high expectations for their browsers.

Opera was the first browser I ever used on my phone and I’ve officially been their fan ever since. I use it on my laptop too, but I didn’t realize they had add-ons and after some research I got my favorite extensions too added to my Opera Browser.

I will share the list of the best Opera Extensions in my opinion. Have a look:


Amplifier for YouTube

Do you watch a lot of videos YouTube? Do you suffer from a slight dependence on it? Then maybe we have something in stock for you.

This extension is yours YouTube Browsing experience almost perfect with its amazing features.

Some of Enhancer for YouTube’s amazing features:

  • You can view the video in a larger window.
  • You can adjust the volume to your liking.
  • It automatically blocks ads.
  • You can use custom designs.
  • You can also auto-play HD or 4K videos.

While it’s so brilliant, it may have a few bugs that still need to be fixed. Also, not all ads are blocked by this extension.

Get Enhancers For YouTube

Translate buddy

If you are a fan of learning new languages ​​or frequently browse foreign websites, Mate Translate will be the most helpful for you. Just like a buddy, it will make everything better and easier.

This extension can translate any word or phrase for you and help you understand a specific language.

Some of the main features of Mate Translate are:

  • It can translate into 103 languages.
  • You have a choice between page translation and human translation.
  • You can highlight any word or phrase and deduce its meaning.
  • It uses shortcuts.
  • It also helps you with incorrect pronunciation.

However, it can take a long time to give a simple meaning that can get in the way of your progress and waste your time.

Download Mate Translate

Amazon for Opera

If, like me, you shop a lot on Amazon, this extension will instantly become your favorite. It’s your go-to place for the best deals.

It personalizes your shopping experience and offers you the best offers and products at all times.

Amazon for Opera Computer add-on

Some of Amazon’s for OperaThe notable features of:

  • It’s the official Amazon assistant.
  • There are personalized recommendations for you.
  • You will receive updates in real time.
  • You will also be informed of the best deals.
  • You can save your favorite products.

However, you may not always be kept informed of the best deals and users may run into issues with this.

Download Amazon for Opera


If you have more than one social media account, you may not remember all of the passwords or codes. LastPass can help you during such times.

With this extension, you no longer have to worry about memorizing your passwords.

LastPass extension for Opera computer

Some of the key features of LastPass are:

  • You can save your login details and it will log in automatically every time.
  • It also stores your addresses and credit card information.
  • Your data can be made available on any device free of charge.
  • It is automatically synced across all devices.

However, the sync is a bit buggy and may not sync all of your data at the same time. At times like these, you have to enter your details manually.

Download LastPass

Emoji keyboard from JoyPixels

If you enjoy using emoticons and find it difficult to do so on your desktops then the emoji keyboard is your solution. This allows you to seamlessly insert emojis into any conversation.

It’s fast, unique, and easy to use, which makes it one of the most reliable keyboards out there.

Emoji keyboard for Opera Browser

To name just a few of the amazing features of the emoji keyboard:

  • You can browse the emoji panel without a mouse.
  • You can automatically insert emojis by selecting it.
  • Your recently used emojis will be saved at the top.
  • You can copy automatically using the clipboard.
  • You can customize the keyboard to your liking.

However, problems can arise when working with Google applications like Spreadsheets, Hangouts, etc.

Download emoji keyboard

Evernote Web Clipper

As a child, did you have the habit of saving important newspaper clippings and articles? Now you can do the same with Evernote.

When the world goes online, this extension allows you to save and cut out important information of your choice.

Evernote Web Clipper for Opera Browser

Let’s take a look at the wonderful features of Evernote Web Clipper:

  • It automatically recognizes article content and makes it distraction-free.
  • You can save the entire page or the PDF of your choice.
  • You can also save pictures.
  • You can also highlight or annotate the pages.
  • You can split the saved pages on Twitter or Facebook.

However, you need to allow the third party cookies for this extension to work. This can be a major privacy concern.

Get Evernote Web Clipper

Turn off the light

If you are someone who gets irritated by bright light and is constantly looking for ways to block it, turning the lights off will be a lifesaver.

This extension helps you browse everything in dark mode that doesn’t strain your eyes.

Turn off the light Opera Add-on for dark mode

Some of the main functions of Turn Off the Lights are:

  • It can turn the light on and off with a single click.
  • It supports many popular websites.
  • You can also use keyboard shortcuts to improve your experience.
  • You can customize too YouTube.
  • You can customize the look of your screen.

Although it is packed with so many features, sometimes it can malfunction and not cover the entire screen in light or dark mode.

Unload the light


If you’re browsing articles and blogs on the go and don’t want to miss any updates, Pocket is the perfect choice. This allows you to save every important article at any time.

Pocket allows you to read articles even when your device is offline. It is a great companion when traveling.

Pocket browser extension for Opera

Some of the great features of Pocket are:

  • You can save any article with a single click.
  • You can add tags quickly.
  • It is free.
  • The content can be available offline.
  • It can be synced with any device you own.

However, there may be times when the extension doesn’t work and not all of your items are saved as quickly as desired.

Download Pocket


If you want to search all of your websites free of annoying ads and pop-ups, AdGuard will help you with it.

This will block ads on almost all popular websites including Facebook, YouTube, and so forth.

AdGuard Opera Add to

To name a few of the most important features of AdGaurd:

  • It can block all types of ads including banner ads, text ads, and video ads.
  • It loads your pages faster and easier.
  • It blocks third party websites.
  • It also blocks trackers and malware.
  • It also protects you from phishing sites.

However, most of the features are available in the paid or premium version of the extension rather than the free version of the same.

Download AdGuard


With our environment deteriorating daily and global warming becoming a serious problem, it is high time we did something about it.

With TreeClicks you make a contribution to the environment with every online purchase.

TreeClicks Opera Computer add-on

Some of the notable features of TreeClicks are:

  • It is free.
  • The prices stay the same.
  • It uses a large chunk of the advertising fees for planting trees.
  • You can plant trees for free.

It doesn’t have any setbacks in and of itself, but shopping for a new addition seems unnecessary and time consuming.

Download TreeClicks

Conclusion: best Opera Add-ons

Opera The browser offers many features that can be effective for its users. It is a leading global browser with exquisite features and an elegant user interface for its users. However, it is still underrated and deserves more fame than it gets.

Opera also has the option of making extensions available to its users to support them in all respects. From surfing in dark mode to removing unnecessary ads, the browser has it all. I’ve mentioned the pros and cons of each of the extensions so that you can make a fair choice.

After seeing the power of. discovered Opera Add-ons, I couldn’t get enough of them. Some of my favorite extensions are Bag, Emoji keyboard, and AdGuard among other. They improve my surfing experience a lot.

Which is your favorite Opera Which add-on do you use often? Did it make the list?

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should try.

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Chrome windowChrome MacChrome iOSChrome AndroidFirefox Linux
Firefox windowSafari MacSafari iOSEdge AndroidChrome Linux
Edge windowFirefox MacEdge iOSSamsung internetEdge Linux

If you have any thoughts on this 9+ best Opera Browser add-ons and extensions in 2021!, feel free to stop by downstairs Comment box. If you find this article helpful, consider sharing it with your network.

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