Add, Remove or Edit a Payment Method on Android Mobiles

It is time to explain how you will be able to make payments online or in any establishment with your mobile. But, for this you will have to know what Google Pay is and how it works on Android . In addition, it will help us to turn our mobile into our alternative to make payments. That is, thanks to this method you can use your mobile to pay anywhere, although you will have to configure your credit card first.

So we will start by explaining what it is exactly, and we will also tell you how you can edit, add or remove any type of payment method that is accepted by Google Play. And after this, we will go directly to teach you how to configure it from your mobile, either through the browser or the Google Pay app itself.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay allows us, today, the fact of being able to make payments through our Android mobile. In addition, the tool was born in February 2018 as a union between Android Pay and Google Wallet, to also compete with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay . But yes, it will have to be a mobile device that has NFC, although it is rare that our mobile does not have this technology. In addition, it is also the one that we can make some online payments, such as in the official Google store. Even so, the main function of this technology is that we can make payments with our smartphone.

At first, the idea that was set was to be able to pay with the mobile, but with the passage of time and thanks to the development of technology, its functionalities have been increasing. Like, for example, right now we can add coupons, save boarding passes on our mobile , add tickets to an event and the like. And that’s not all, because it also allows us to send money to the contact we want, as long as we have it saved.

And as we have explained, the NFC technology of mobile devices will be essential to make payments through contactless. What does this mean? Well, the only fundamental requirement is that our mobile has that NFC chip. Since this technology will allow us to pay with this service in practically any place where credit or debit cards with this type of chips are accepted. In addition, the way to work is simple, you will only have to bring your terminal to a compatible dataphone. That is, it will basically be like using a regular card, but through your mobile.

How to add a payment method

Before starting, you should know that to pay with your mobile we must have an Android version equal to or greater than Android 4.4. After knowing which version we have, we can start by first choosing if we want to add it through the Google Pay app or using the mobile browser .

After we choose between these two ways, we will only have to open the “Menu” on our mobile device and click on “Payment methods”. When we are inside we will only have to click on ” Add payment method “, where you will have to select the one you want to add, since it will give you different options:

  • Add debit or credit card.
  • Add my paysafecard.
  • Add PayPal.
  • Redeem code.
  • Carrier billing: Depends on the customer’s country and carrier.
  • Google Play Gift Cards – Available in select countries.
  • Google Wallet Balance: Only available in the United States and United Kingdom.

Although, you can also configure it through the Google Play Store application. In addition to that the steps that will have to be followed to add a payment method will be similar.

Can it be edited?

At the beginning, we will have to follow the same steps as when we are going to add a new payment method. Once we are in “Payment methods”, we will have to click on “More payment settings”. When you press it, you may be asked to log in, and after entering the data, you just have to select the payment method you want by tapping on Edit “. Once edited, you will have to click on “Update” so that the changes we have made are saved.

In this option, they will give us the possibility to change the expiration date, the CVC, the name that appears on the account or your address. In case you want to update the expiration date or the security code of an expired card, touch ” Correct ” next to the card in question. After this, you only have to write the month, the corresponding year and the CVC.

Delete a payment method

With this process, we will be able to remove any payment method from our Google account.

  • Open the Google Pay app on your Android mobile device.
  • Click on ” Payment methods “.
  • Although it is rare, it may ask you to log in on occasion.
  • Choose the payment method you want to remove, select ” Delete ” and then click on the “Delete” button.

Remove the payment method from the mobile

In all Android mobile, as a general rule, they are usually the same steps. Although it is true, it can vary depending on the version of Android you have on your mobile device. In addition, once you have configured your mobile to make contactless payments in the Google Pay application, that payment method will be automatically added to the settings of our Android terminal . So nothing will happen if you uninstall said application, since your payment method will remain in the settings of your device and you could continue using it without any problem.

But, if in your case you want to eliminate the payment method that you normally use from your mobile forever, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • On your Android device you will have to open “Settings”.
  • Then, you must tap on “Google services and preferences”> “Account services”> ” Google Pay “.
  • Once inside, touch the payment method you want to delete . In addition, you will have to click on the three points that appear in the corner of your screen to access ” Remove payment method “.

The ease of Samsung Pay

Activating this system is very simple, we will only have to open the Samsung Pay app and scan our credit or debit card with our smartphone’s own camera. After completing the registration and completing the information requested, Samsung will send us a PIN number with which we can authorize operations.

Afterwards, it will give us the possibility to establish the verification mode we want , either through the PIN or through the use of our fingerprint, something that speeds up payment even more and adds an extra layer of security. And to pay, all you have to do is open the app or scroll up, the same gesture as when we activated multitasking. Although, this option is only available on the main desktop and lock screen.

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