Adjust CPU frequency with CPUpowerGUI

Cpupower GUI is a free open source CPU frequency tuning software for Linux. You can use it to change the CPU frequency. This can be done for all CPUs, or even for all CPUs at once. It also comes with two predefined profiles, Performance and Balance. It also comes with command line support.

Install Cpupower GUI on Ubuntu

The Cpupower GUI is available as a native deb package file and from the official Ubuntu repositories.

Install the Cpupower GUI via DEB.

If you need the latest version of the Cpupower GUI, follow this guide. Download the latest version of CpupowerGUI in .deb file format from the download link below and save it in your download folder.

Download Cpupower GUI

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Select Ubuntu as your operating system and click directly on the Grab binary package. Download based on Ubuntu version. Open a terminal and run the following commands one at a time.

cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i cpupower-gui_0.9.1-2_all.deb
sudo apt install -f

You can run it using this command.


Install the Cpupower GUI through the Ubuntu repository.

Do this in your terminal to install the Cpupower GUI. This is probably an older version of the Cpupower GUI.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cpupower-gui

Cpupower GUI command line usage:

You can also do this using a command line tool such as Terminal. Run this command to see all usage details.

cpupower-gui -h

that’s it.

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