Advantages of no-app games-are there?

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It is tempting to answer the title question quickly and decisively. No, there is no advantage to games without apps. After all, these numbers show that mobile applications are the way forward. Statista The report claims that mobile games are bigger than ever, and pointed to the fact that Google Play Games has nearly 19 million monthly users.

In addition, game console giants, companies that have traditionally avoided this technology, are joining –Microsoft, For example, xCloud has been released for Android users. But this is only part of the argument. If you look at it under the surface, you will find that obstacles to app games will affect the experience of millions of users.

App needs permission

Since the European Union decided to introduce GDPR to the rest of the world, data protection has become increasingly important. If you don’t want a bad platform to work, it’s important to deal with information while playing.As Kaspersky Said that the application does need some access rights to complete its work.

The frustrating thing is that it is difficult to assess what is sufficient access and what is too much access, which may lead to a poor gaming experience.The good news is that desktop and laptop websites only track cookies, you can disable them if you follow the suggestions below Avast, Which means your data will generally be safer because there are fewer leaks. On the other hand, the application needs as much information as possible.

They do not guarantee success

Apps are shiny tools that companies use to attract customers. However, as a self-respecting gamer, you should not be fooled by fancy technologies that may not improve the user experience. after all, Entrepreneurship beat Said that as early as 2016, only 5% of apps released new content, which is shocking. With the application stagnating, you must choose the method that puts you at the forefront of the game. The casino industry is a major example of providing services or products to customers using different ways to meet different needs of customers in various ways.

For example, many providers have mobile applications, while other providers prefer to use web-based applications or mobile responsive design principles.take King of fruits, For example, this is an appropriate example, because the company prefers the latter and has been rewarded. The brand offers slot games, table games and jackpots, all of which have no apps and are still known for their mobile-friendly design, which can be accessed from many devices. Obviously, not everyone wants to download an application, and if the website is properly optimized, you don’t have to download it.

Operating system battle

apple It has been competing with Android for more than a decade, and both operating systems have won in the process. However, the fact that they are constantly competing is not easy for gamers, not when they are often stuck in the middle.

Consider the dispute between Apple and Apple Epic game, The creator of Fortnite.according to edge, Including lawsuits related to antitrust complaints and App Store fees. Unless the outcome is amicably resolved, the likely outcome is that Epic’s game titles will be deleted from the platform, and gamers will suffer the most. No app game 02source: No splash

With application-less games, you don’t need to worry about the operating system and the cold war. All you need is a website and internet connection to start the game. This is the number one advantage of playing games outside of mobile apps.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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