Always On Screen Mode: How to Activate it on the Mobile

Of course we are not facing a new or exclusive functionality of certain mobiles, but it has already become a standard for those terminals that have AMOLED or OLED screens. We are talking about the Always On Mode or always-on screen, which we can easily enjoy on a multitude of phones.

Owners of mobile phones with screens of this type should experience one of these continuous display modes, since the phone has thanks to it with extended functionality throughout the day, even when we do not use it, since we can see information permanently on your screen.

Why should you use this mode

Without a doubt we are talking about one of the most popular display modes that exist on our mobiles. If we have an AMOLED screen terminal, the normal thing is that we can access one of these modes. Thanks to it, the unique properties of this type of screens are taken advantage of to be able to permanently display information on them without having to spend high energy, quite the opposite. These types of modes take advantage of AMOLED screens, since they can turn on only the pixels necessary to display that information permanently.

In doing so, the energy expenditure is minimal , because only a handful of pixels are lit on the entire screen permanently. Therefore, we can continue to see a clock, the notifications we have received thanks to the icons of its apps, as well as even see some animation or specific message while the mode is active. These types of modes should avoid staying fixed in one area of the screen, since screens with this technology suffer the risk of “burning” and leaving certain marks on them if the content is not encouraged to move through them.

So if you have a mobile that has a screen with this technology, the most normal thing is that your manufacturer has Always On modes that allow you to configure the screen so that it always shows a message or specific content of our choice by default. There are manufacturers that are still developing these modes, but the vast majority offer us an easy way to see that information permanently on the screen of our phone. Undoubtedly one of the best modes that we can activate on our mobile, and that we can enjoy as well.

How to activate Always On mode


From EMUI 10 we have a fully functional Always On mode in Chinese brand mobiles. In order to enjoy it, we must do the following:

  • Access your phone settings
  • Click on “Home Screen”
  • Select “Wallpaper”
  • Click on “Always On Display”
  • Activate the mode with the slider button

Once inside, we can customize the appearance of this Always On mode with different designs, we can even add personalized photos, so that this image appears permanently along with the time and messages.


The mobile phones of the Korean firm also offer us the possibility of activating this type of always-on screen mode. Thanks to One UI, it is quite easy to activate and configure this way of permanently displaying content on the screen. So it can be activated

  • Enter the phone settings
  • Click on “Lock Screen”
  • Select “Always On Display”
  • Now click on the “Always On Display” slider.

Once we have activated this mode, we can click on ” Screen mode ” and choose the Always On mode that we want to use, either showing only by pressing, always showing or based on a schedule.


In MIUI we can also enjoy an Always On mode in those mobiles that have an AMOLED screen, which are more and more in the Chinese firm. To do this, we must follow the following steps:

  • Enter the settings of your Xiaomi
  • Click on “Ambient screen and lock screen”
  • Select “Activate ambient screen”

This is a function of MIUI 11 , so if your Xiaomi mobile still does not have access to this version of the brand layer, it is possible to download an apk from the Chinese firm itself with this mode. A mode that has different customization options within the same menu.


The Chinese firm has a complete active screen mode , which can be activated and configured from the phone settings, in this simple way:

  • Open your Realme settings
  • Click on “Home screen, lock screen and always-on screen”
  • Swipe to the bottom and tap “always-on screen”
  • Press the slider to activate it
  • Customize the style

In this case we have the possibility to choose a different animation, as well as to show a certain text message permanently, and even to choose its design with different colors and gradients of these.


The Chinese firm has a customization layer that is on which Realme is based, so the process between the two is similar, although above all it is the result that is very similar. This is how it can be activated:

  • Enter the OPPO mobile settings
  • Tap Display and brightness
  • Click on “Always active screen”
  • Enable or disable “Always-on display”

As you can see, this mode is called the same as in the case of Realme, or vice versa, and the customization options are similar, so we can give a different appearance to the information that is displayed with this mode.

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