Android integration extension for Gnome GSConnect v13 stable version has been released

Newest GSConnect The v13 released today is a rewrite in which the architecture, settings, and default behavior have been changed, and requires Gnome Shell 3.28 or 3.30. The new version includes redesigned settings, “Do Not Disturb” mode, quick replies from notifications, and other features and improvements.

GSConnect is a complete KDE Connect protocol implementation written in GJS for Gnome Shell that can integrate Android devices with your Gnome desktop. Using it, you can easily send files between Gnome desktops and Android smartphones, synchronize clipboards or notifications between the two devices, browse files wirelessly on Android devices from desktops, and more.
The latest GSConnect v13 comes with redesigned settings. In addition, all supported plugins are enabled by default.GSConnect settings advancedGSConnect settings

If you have read the GSConnect v13 alpha1 article, you will notice that some parts of the settings window have been changed for the final version.
One of the new features of GSConnect v13 is the “do not disturb” mode:GSConnect do not disturb

Through “Do Not Disturb” in the extended menu, you can suspend receiving notifications for mobile devices until you manually disable “Do Not Disturb” or for a specified time.
Another new feature in this version is the ability to quickly reply directly from notifications. Suppose you receive a message on your Android device, whether it is an SMS, Telegram or Facebook Messenger message, etc. -GSConnect v13 allows you to reply from the notification displayed on the Gnome desktop:GSConnect reply notification

GSConnect v13 also supports selective clipboard synchronization. Now, you can choose whether you want to sync the clipboard with (only sync from Android to desktop, only from desktop to Android or both):GSConnect clipboard sync

You can even assign keyboard shortcuts to the push or pull actions of the clipboard:GSConnect clipboard sync shortcut

But wait, GSConnect 13 has more features:

  • Improved HiDPI support
  • Improved SMS and contact interface
  • Automatic error detection
  • SFTP: Supports RSA more than DSA, not DSA
  • GNotification support
  • PackageKit support

There are four other major but experimental new features in GSConnect v13. These features require the use of the latest Git code to build the KDE Conect Android application. These are Bluetooth support (so you can use GSConnect via Bluetooth without having to use the same local area network), contact synchronization, SMS history and volume control. Once the stable KDE Connect Android application supports them, I will introduce them in detail.

Install GSConnect

The latest GSConnect v13 requires Gnome Shell 3.28 or 3.30 (so it is compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 and 18.10, but not older). Please remember this before trying to install it.
GSConnect can be installed from Gnome Shell Expand website. However, the currently available version is 12, and the pending version is 13.
If you ca n’t wait to try the new GSConnect v13, you can install it by downloading the latest version of the zip from the following location GitHub (, put it in your home folder, and then run the following command to install:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
unzip -o -d ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected]

You also need to install the KDE Conect app on your Android phone (from Google Play Or F-robot), And then pair it with GSConnect.
You can find complete instructions, including how to pair an Android device with GSConnect, how to install it from source code, and software packages that require manual installation to make certain GSConnect features work, see This one GSConnect Wiki page.