Annotator: An open source application for Linux that can easily add basic annotations to your images

briefly: An exciting and useful annotation tool with additional functions for Linux systems.

There are many tools available for image processing and editing. However, options like GIMP are not necessarily the solution to all problems.

Yes, GIMP offers many features for beginners and advanced users, but learning a few things and applying visual enhancements to any image you want can be time-consuming.

Annotator is an impressive open source tool, you can accomplish many things with just a few clicks.

Annotator: open source image annotation tool

Annotator allows you to quickly add shapes, text, and other visual elements. This is useful for various use cases.

The tool is easy to use and provides a simple user interface. Moreover, you can also get various functions to enhance the image you want.

Features of annotators

Annotator screenshot Add an icon to the image

You are not limited to adding enhancements to images, you can also use Annotator to get some other features. Some of the main functions are:

  • Ability to add text
  • Customize text color, adjust size, adjust highlight color, etc.
  • Use the zoom tool to focus on a specific point in the image
  • Adjust the magnifying glass to change the angle and size
  • Add visual icons to express something
  • Use a pencil to write, useful for trackpad users
  • Blur tool to confuse important or unnecessary details
  • Counter icon to highlight any kind of important order in the image
  • Support multiple fonts
  • Adjust the border width and line of shapes and text
  • Provide various shapes such as arrows, circles and stars
  • Ability to resize and crop images

Annotator resize

Install Annotator in Linux

First, Annotator can be used on AppCenter for elementaryOS. But, fortunately, it is a Flatpak package, so you can install it on any Linux distribution.

All you need to do is go to the link of the AppCenter store and download/open Flatpak reference The file uses the software installer. If you need help, we provide more information in the Flatpak guide.


To build from the source code or explore more information about it, you can check its GitHub page .

Thinking of using Annotator

Considering that we need to process all kinds of screenshots every day, I think this is very useful for my work. Moreover, the more descriptive, the easier the image will be understood by our readers.

Usually, I use Flameshot as my screenshot tool and use it to add available annotations. Linux can also use other screenshot tools, but I prefer Flameshot because of its quick annotation function.

However, you cannot use Flameshot to add annotations to existing images.

Therefore, Annotator can easily edit existing screenshots or any other images needed.

In my brief use, all its functions worked well, but I wanted to edit and resize the text to make it more intuitive. Other than that, I have no complaints.

If you need to add highlighting/comment to the images on your system, I suggest you give it a try. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.