Apostrophe Markdown Editor for Linux

Apostrophes are a free open source Markdown editor for Linux. It’s a distraction GTK + base with a minimal clean UIMarkdown editor. Comes with an in-line preview feature. This feature automatically formats the markdown command and exports it to the appropriate lock document. Other important features include popover previews of images, links, footnotes, and equations that export Markdown documents to PDF, ODT, Word, and HTML file formats. It also has light and dark modes, focus mode, Hemingway mode, spell checking, document statistics, and support for over 18 languages.

Apostrophes allow you to set up to 5 different Markdown flavors. They are Pandoc’s Markdown, CommonMark, Github Flavoured Markdown, MultiMarkdown, PlainMarkdown. Supports full-width, half-width, half-height, and window display. You can also sync the view and hide the header bar automatically.

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Apostrophe Editor

Install apostrophes on Ubuntu

The apostrophe is available as a flatpak package file. You can install it from the terminal application. The system requires flatpak to install the flatpak software. Follow the links below for installing flatpak and flathub on your Ubuntu system.

How to install flatpak on Ubuntu

Reboot the system after installing flatpak. If you already have flatpak, skip the steps above and install Apostrophe directly using the command below. Open the terminal app (ctrl + alt + t) and run it under the Apostrophe flatpak installation command.

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.gitlab.somas.Apostrophe

After installing the Apostrophe Markdown Editor, run this command to launch it.

flatpak run org.gnome.gitlab.somas.Apostrophe

Apostrophe Markdown editor settings

that’s it.

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