Apple Fails to Get Swiss Watch Makers ‘Swatch One More Thing’ Trademark Revoked

Remember Apple’s catchy “One More Thing” ending line? The company used it to conclude major keynotes. Typically it is Apple’s way of telling the audience about events last surprise announcement. Apple is currently battling with the Swiss watch maker ‘Swatch’ to own the trademark. Tides seem to have turned against Apple as court has ruled in favour of Swiss based Swatch Group AG.

One more thing is most famously associated with Steve Jobs keynotes. In 2015 Swatch Trademarked ‘One More Thing.” As obvious as it may seem, Swatch was taking a potshot at Apple by trademarking the phrase.

In the ruling Judge Lain Purvis says that Swatch could have attempted to “annoy” Apple by trademarking the phrase. However, he added that there is nothing the court could do to stop Swatch. He further suggested that the origin of the phrase could be traced back to TV detective show Columbo.

Our Take

This is not the first time Swatch has trademark others slogan. Previously, the watchmaker registered ‘Tick Different’ which sounds very similar to Apple’s ‘Think Different.’ Last year Apple’s online event was dubbed ‘One More Thing.’ In 2015 Steve Jobs tossed the phrase “One More Thing” and “One Last Thing.”

Swatch is undoubtedly angry at Apple for dominating the watch market. In fact, Apple manages to sell more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry put together. The trademark might irk Apple but most of us will always associate the phrase with Steve Jobs.

Patently Apple

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