Apple Now Provides Easy Ways of Checking iPhone Warranty Status

Apple has introduced an updated version of the Apple Support app with a bunch of useful features. The company has also introduced some new ways of checking an iPhone’s warranty status.

Apple today updated its Apple Support app to version 4.2. The app now has a more detailed coverage section. It now offers up more information about benefits and service options. With the new update, Apple has also introduced a new ability to get reminders about your upcoming Genius Bar or Apple Authorized Service Provider reservations sent by text message or phone.

Along with the update, Apple also released an App Clip that lets you check your iPhone’s warranty status, or for that matter every Apple device linked to your account. Now, if you head over to Apple’s Check Coverage website on an iPhone without the Apple Support app, a dialog box appears on the top of the website asking you to install the App Clip.

Tapping on ‘Open‘ brings up the App Clip dialog box where it shows more details about the Apple Support App Clip. Clicking on ‘Continue‘ will take you to a page where it will list all of your Apple devices. Now, you can select the device whose coverage you want to check.

Up until now, to check an Apple device’s coverage details, you had to go to their coverage website and put in the serial number of your Apple device, along with a captcha. The App Clip introduced today eases up the process, all while making it faster. App Clips were first introduced with iOS 14.

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