Apple prepares to release its digital car key

Apple is working hard to release its digital car key version. Apple Watch and iPhone users will be able to use their vehicles to map their devices and use their phones or watches as their car keys. For this reason, the car series certainly needs to be compatible with this type of technology. If the car is compatible, all the user needs to do is place the phone or Apple Watch near the car’s NFC reader. This means that users of Apple devices will no longer have to pay for their keys to unlock the car.

How it works

Through Set Apple Car Key to the device, The driver will be able to map one or more car keys to their mobile phone or smart watch. Ergo, a device sufficient to lock and unlock private vehicles, work vehicles and even leased equipment. As for the security part of the equation, users will be able to simply hover their device over the NFC reader or add the additional step of face ID and Touch ID verification. According to Apple, using the key will not require mobile data, and users can use it even in remote areas or underground parking lots. In addition, after the battery of the Apple device is exhausted, the numeric keys will continue to work for up to five hours.

This innovative service will not change lives, but it adds another weapon to the iOS device library. Browse similar popular sites It’s good to use the apps you like, but it’s better to fully control your vehicle. Imagine using an Apple device to speed up and slow down, or adjust the volume of the audio system. As for home and professional sharing, Apple Car Keys allows up to 5 people to share digital accessibility features. In other words, you, your life partner, your working partner, and any of your relatives will be able to use the same digital key and drive a specific vehicle.

Is this the first step to get rid of the wallet completely?

Apple Car Key seems to be a very convenient tool, but Apple is very unlikely to stop here. The tech giant wants Apple devices to be the only thing people need to carry. of Cupertino (Cupertino) company is working on digital identification patents, It promises to replace ID card, passport and driver’s license. Coupled with basic mobile functions, Apple Pay and Apple Car Key, people will no longer need to carry keys and wallets with them.

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When can I expect Apple Car Key

Initially, there were only a few vehicles that supported Apple’s new features. At present, it has been confirmed that BWM’s 5 Series vehicles will be digitally controlled from 2022. This may not sound like much, but it is just the beginning, and it will certainly attract other manufacturers to invest in NFC technology that is compatible with the Apple Car Key or any of its “coming soon” products.