Apple’s ‘Secret’ Policy Offered Free Repairs for Customers Who Were Nice to Its Employees

Apple is known for its excellent customer service. However, how you behave with Apple’s retail employees also impacts the level of service you will get. Apple seemingly has a “secret” policy that allows its retail employees to go over and above their roles and give preferential treatment to customers.

As revealed by @Tanicornerstone on TikTok, a former Apple retail store employee, Apple’s special program is called “surprise and delight.” It gives Apple retail store employees the power to go above and beyond their powers to provide a solution to the customer. Most retail employees used this policy for customers with a good temperament.

The former Apple retail employee details how customers are supposed to be charged for water-damaged iPhones, but ‘geniuses’ at Apple used the ‘surprise and delight’ policy to replace the device for free. There’s a limit on how many times a retail Apple employee can use this policy though. The claims made in the video have been corroborated by other retail Apple employees, though some have argued that the program is no longer in effect.

Irrespective of whether the program is still valid or not, many people commented on the video with a positive service experience in which an Apple employee replaced or fixed their device for free.

So, the next time you are disappointed or frustrated with your iPhone or MacBook not working, don’t vent it out on the Apple genius inspecting it. They might just be able to replace or fix your out-of-warranty iPhone or MacBook for free. And it is always a good idea to deal with a cool and calm demeanor with retail employees, whether they are from Apple or not.


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