Application focus: Calibrator is a beautiful calculator and converter

You will find many useful applications for Linux, but not all of them focus primarily on the user experience.

Of course, the user interface may end up looking good and simple, but not necessarily pleasing to the eye.

For the same reason, I want to have a calculator and converter application similar to Numi on Linux (only for macOS). I know we already have a great calculator app like Qalculate, but I don’t like its simple (boring) interface.

Recently, I came across something very similar-the “Caliator” produced by the XenoX team.

This is not your typical calculator

Compared to traditional calculator applications-this is different. It enables you to type or perform calculations or conversions (as shown in the image above).

Just as you type to search on Google (or a privacy-oriented Google alternative), users must naturally type instructions to get output.

Not just the ability to understand conversion instructions, it also displays output as you type. So you don’t have to wait and press another button to get results.

Calibrator worksHow the Calibrator Works

Functional Overview

Calibrator screenshot 1Calibrator screenshot

Currently, you can perform any type of arithmetic calculations and convert things like Currency, Length, Weight, etc.

You can choose a dark or light theme. However, at the moment, the app may get stuck when you try to change the theme. Atleast, I’m in Pop now! Faced with this issue on _OS 19.04.

They may resolve this issue in the next update.

In addition to possible features, the developer plans to (according to the official announcement) provide the following features for the next update:

  • Font size preference
  • Export options
  • Click to copy
  • More topics

Get Caligator on Linux

You can go directly to its GitHub release page and download the assets that are right for you.

For Linux, they have three available file formats: AppImage, Deb files, and source code.

I recommend downloading the AppImage file. You just need to grant it execute permissions to run Caligator on any Linux distribution.

In addition to Linux, you can also try it on a Mac / Windows computer.


wrap up

Caligator is still under development, so you may encounter errors. If you do this, turn on bug reporting for developers on their GitHub repository.

Although this may be in the early stages of development, this is definitely an impressive project and interesting features should be incorporated in the near future.

I remember the base operating system had a similar application called NaSC. You may also want to check.

What do you think of “caligator”? Also, if you know some interesting new open source projects for desktop Linux, please let us know in the comments below.