Asana vs Monday: Which Project Management Tool Is Better

Businesses and organizations rely on project management tools to help multiple teams workflow and get the job done. Asana and Monday are two of the most popular project management tools for small to medium-sized teams and startups. If you’re wondering which to try between the two, read the comparison to help choose the best for your use.

Make no mistake, Asana and Monday are not for personal use. It will be excessive for a consumer to use such solutions on personal projects. You can also choose Trello or Notion for your personal projects.

In this post, we’ll compare Monday to Asana and conclude which one gives you the best project management features. Let’s jump in.

Cross-platform availability

The Monday app is available natively on iOS, Android, Mac, and the web. Asana lacks the native solution on the Mac. Asana is only accessible on the iPhone, Android, and the web. While Mac users may seem like a minority, many small to medium-sized businesses rely on Macs for their teams.

user interface

You will invite many team members into the software. Most of them may not be familiar with the app. It’s important to have a user-friendly interface that won’t confuse the average person.

As of Asana, the software offers a practical sidebar that shows the relevant options such as Home, My Tasks, Portfolio, Goals and Inbox. Asana gives you one place where you can access your tasks and keep track of other projects.

On the other hand, Monday in advance tends to be more confusing. It instantly shows the main work area with tasks, status, due date, priority and more. The presence of too much information on the home screen is overwhelming.

The UI can make new users scratch their heads trying to figure things out and options. You will need to spend some time using Monday to familiarize yourself with the interface and settings.

Monday ui

Create a project with templates

We come to the main part. Both Asana and Monday allow you to invite your colleagues to join the team. Monday has an advantage here. It offers the admin to invite team members with read-only permissions. This means that they cannot take part in a conversation or a task, but can only see the project as an outsider.

Asana doesn’t offer such flexibility. Now let’s talk about the heart of any project management software – templates. In Asana, click the + icon, add a project name, and choose one of the built-in templates from the list.

Asana templates

Asana offers customer feedback, product plan, product roadmap, stand-up meeting, team goals, and more. The list is thin at the moment, but it should be more than enough for the majority out there.

Monday has more templates than Asana. Plus, they’re neatly categorized into specific categories like Marketing, Content Production, Freelance, HR, Startup, Education, and more.

Monday templates

You will appreciate how Monday provides live data on the number of teams with a specific template. So that you know which template is popular with Monday users.

Project management functions

Asana has a killer feature called Rules and you can build it based on your needs. For example, you can choose to have the quality control team automatically flagged and notified of progress when a team member moves a tab to review a task.

Other example is tags. When you’ve flagged a priority 1 task, the main manager will be flagged and notified automatically. You add a design tag and the design manager will be alerted of the change.

Asana rules

Other features include multiple viewing options including timeline, list, calendar, and more. You can also customize the board color, create a custom template, and put together a portfolio. supports integrating hundreds of third-party apps for a smooth management experience. You can also set automation rules to notify the relevant members of a team.

Monday absolutely wins when it comes to visualization. It offers a series of charts to give a clear overview of the project or campaign. The software also works well with hundreds of third-party apps, including Gmail, Twillo, Slack, Mailchimp, Google Drive, Basecamp, and more.

Monday integration

You can use these apps to create rules, such as: B. “When an email is received, create a card in Contacts and add a status to review”. The admins in the organizations can take over the automation part in the teams.


Now compare them purely on the price front. Asana offers a 14-day free trial and after that it is costs $ 10.99 per member per month .

Monday is relatively cheaper. Prices start at $ 40 for five members, which is $ 8 per member per month.

Manage projects like a pro

Both Asana and Monday are great project management tools. Asana beats Monday with a better UI, ease of use, and multiple viewing options all in one board. Montag strikes back with the integration of third-party apps, better templates, and overall more functionality for the project.

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