Automatic forwarding review: disassemble this mobile spy software for you

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Technology allows us to quickly access almost everything with just one click. While this undoubtedly brings countless benefits, it brings risks and worries-from employees abusing company equipment to cybercriminals who prey on children. Fortunately, spyware programs or applications can be used to track activities on the phone.

We have used several mobile phone spy apps for test runs, one of which stands out for us – Automatic forward. Read on to learn about the features provided by this spyware and surveillance software.

Why go forward automatically?

Auto Forward spy and surveillance software tick all the check boxes, and then tick them.

✓ It is suitable for all Android devices, iPhone and iPad.

✓ The collected data can be viewed remotely from almost all Internet-enabled devices.

✓ It is user-friendly, even for those who do not understand technology.

✓ One-time payment, and there are no hidden fees, so the price is reasonable.

✓ Includes all necessary spying features required by employers, parents and other users.

In fact, “automatic forwarding” is a reliable and convenient way to monitor children or employees using company-owned equipment.It is also ideal Safety and precautions For all members of the family, please be sure to discuss with your family first.

Getting started with automatic forwarding

For less than $30, you can use the basic function of automatic forwarding. If you want more comprehensive features to provide you with more detailed phone information, you can choose the Pro version for $69.99. Both plans require a one-time payment, and we strongly recommend that you use it instead of monthly payments.

After purchasing the automatic forwarding plan of your choice, you will receive a confirmation containing all the necessary information on your email address. The installation instructions are also easy to follow.

  • download: Use the provided over-the-air (OTA) link to download the application to the target phone.
  • Enable: When prompted, enter the provided license key and the phone number of the device to be monitored.
  • monitor: Now, you can use any device with Internet connection to monitor all the data in the target device.

Value for money

Yes, there are free ways to monitor cell phones. Yes, some spyware and surveillance applications may be less expensive than “automatic forwarding”. Remember, although like most things, you do get what you want to pay. Auto-forwarding is definitely correct-with all the excellent features it provides, you will definitely get value for money.

Using automatic forwarding, you can easily monitor or complete the following operations:

  • Real-time GPS positioning
  • Call history and phone number (dialed or received)
  • SMS
  • Social media activities and news on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Photos and videos (even deleted photos and videos)
  • Email (sent and received)
  • Contacts and calendar
  • Internet activities, including browsing history, keyword alerts, bookmarks, etc.
  • Installed and running apps
  • Application blocking
  • Remotely control target phone functions, such as phone lock and camera

Now, if this is not thorough surveillance, then we don’t know what it is! Automatic forward Of course it is one of the top spyware and surveillance applications we have tried. It allows you to access almost (if not all) the information required by the target device. It is great value for money and no hassle. Auto Forward can of course complete the work, and then complete some work.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose