Avatar is a feature rich memoji and animoji recorder that you can use to share to more apps

Memoji is a feature Apple introduced starting with iOS 13 to make it easier for users to express themselves through iMessage, and it has certainly evolved a little since it was first designed.

Memojis are more personal than emojis and are customizable emoji-like avatars that can look like you or choose emojis. Thanks to the powerful face-mapping capabilities of the iPhone via the TrueDepth camera system, your Memoji can dynamically mimick everything you mimic with your own face in real time via what Apple calls Animoji.

Memoji unfortunately has its limits, but iOS developer SouthernGirlWhoCode from TitanD3v decided to break those limits with a newly released jailbreak tweak called. to break through User picture.

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Avatar is best described as a full-fledged Memoji studio, and one of the biggest perks that comes with it is the ability to record Memoji / Animoji videos with bonus editing tools, save those videos, and then use them via any App to share even if it’s not iMessage.

The Studio UI allows you to import existing memojis from iMessage, set a custom background with any custom color or an image from your photo library, and play around with stickers, among other things. The Studio app is also where you record your Memoji / Animoji video, and once it is recorded, you can preview the video before sharing it with any app.

The videos you record using Avatar’s Studio feature are stored in your Photo Library, but are also fully accessible through the Avatar Library. This flexibility makes it easy to manage your recordings or look back on them when you want.

While personally I’ve never gotten into the Memoji / Animoji frenzy, I know a lot of others out there who absolutely love to play around with them. The new Avatar jailbreak tweak promises a lot more flexibility for the feature, including using it outside of iMessage and sharing your Animoji footage on other platforms of your choosing.

Those who want to try the new Avatar tweak can download it for free from the titand3v repository via their preferred package manager app. Optimization only supports jailbroken handsets as the TrueDepth camera system is required and you need to be running iOS 14.

If you are not ready to take full advantage of the titand3v repository and are ready to get started, you can add it to your package manager of your choice using the following url:


What do you think about expanding the capabilities of Memoji and Animoji beyond just iMessage with Avatar? Let us know in the comment section below.

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