Basilisk: Firefox branch with classic look and classic extensions

Introduction: Basilisk is a branch of Firefox that supports legacy extensions and more. Here we take a look at its features and give it a try.

Basilisk: XUL-based open source web browser

Although it is best to use a regular web browser for Linux (such as Firefox or Chromium), knowing other browsers will not help. Recently, I stumbled across a Firefox branch, Basilisk Web browser with classic Firefox user interface and legacy attachment support (just like Waterfox). homepage on Basilisk

If you desperately need to use older extensions or miss the classic look of Firefox, the Basilisk web browser can save you time. The web browser is maintained by the team behind Pale moon Browser (this is another Firefox branch I’ll cover next).

If you are looking for an open source alternative to Chrome, you can take a quick look at the products offered by Basilisk.

note: Basilisk is development software. Even if I do n’t have any major usability issues when using it, I should n’t rely on it as the only browser used.

Features of Basilisk web browser

Basilisk option 1

The basilisk works out of the box. However, before considering the following features, you may want to take a look at them:

  • XULWeb-based browser
  • It has Firefox’s “Australian” interface, which is very popular in v29-v56 Firefox versions.
  • NPAPI Supported plugins (Flash, Unity, Java, etc.)
  • Supports XUL / Overlay Mozilla style extensions.
  • Use Goanna Open source browser engine, a branch of Mozilla gecko
  • Does not use Rust or Photon user interface
  • Only supports 64-bit systems

Install Basilisk on Linux

You may not find it in Software Center. So you have to go to the official Download page Get the tarball (tar.xz) file.

After downloading, just unzip it and enter the folder. Next, you will find a “Basilisk“. You can simply double-click it or perform a right-click and select”run“.

You can check GitHub page to know more information.

Basilisk folder 1

You can also use the terminal and run the file by following these steps while navigating to the directory where you downloaded the file:

cd basilisk-latest.linux64
cd basilisk

Download 蛇 怪

Use Basilisk browser

Basilisk Browser 1

If you want legacy extension support, Basilisk is a good Firefox branch. It was actively developed by the team behind Pale Moon and for users who want a classic look for Mozilla Firefox (prior to the Quantum update), it may be a good choice if modern web support is not included.

Browse the web without any problems. However, I did notice “YouTube“Detected it was an outdated browser and warned that it would stop supporting it as soon as possible.

Therefore, I’m not sure if Basilisk is suitable for all existing web services-but if you do need to archive old extensions used in earlier versions of Firefox, this can solve your problem.

wrap up

Do you think the Firefox branch is worth trying? Which one do you like? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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