Beautiful Terminal Resource Monitor-How to install BpyTOP on Ubuntu

Bpytop is a free open source command line based resource monitor for Linux, MacOS, and FreeBSD. You can use it to monitor your system and view processor, disk, memory, network, and process usage and statistics. This is actually the Python port for the popular resource monitor bashtop. It comes with an easy-to-use menu, responsive key selection, and full mouse support. You can filter the process, and you can use multiple filters at the same time. You can also send SIGTERM, SIGKILL, and SIGINT to the process. Released under the open source Apache License 2.0 license, based on Python. Comes with auto-scaling graphs for theme support and network usage.

Install BpyTOP on Ubuntu

BpyTOP is available as a snap package and a Python package. You can install it from the terminal.

Install BpyTOP via snap.

Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and run it under the BpyTOP snap install command.

sudo snap install bpytop

After installation, run the following command to configure BpyTOP on your system.

sudo snap connect bpytop:mount-observe
sudo snap connect bpytop:network-control
sudo snap connect bpytop:hardware-observe
sudo snap connect bpytop:system-observe
sudo snap connect bpytop:process-control
sudo snap connect bpytop:physical-memory-observe

Finally, run this command to launch bpytop on your terminal.


Install BpyTOP via PIP.

Easy to install via pip Python Package Manager. If your system doesn’t have pip, follow the tutorial link below. After installation, reboot the system.

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How to install pipPython Package Manager on Ubuntu

Open a terminal application (ctrl + alt + t) and execute the following command in Python3.

sudo pip3 install bpytop --upgrade

that’s all.

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