Best Microsoft SQL Server Books in 2020

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The amount of data that companies, organizations and semi-official organizations are collecting is huge. Every minute passes to add data to various database systems implemented to process the data. No wonder that in the fields of database management, data analysis, big data and business intelligence, highly skilled professionals are required. They not only have to manage data, but also make the data commercially meaningful.

Having said that, the foundation of the data field is to have a good understanding of how the database works. SQL Server is a popular database system from Microsoft, and many organizations around the world use it to process its data. To help data professionals and those interested in improving their skills, this article provides books to enable them to realize their ambitions. Find below resources that may change everything in your career.

1. SQL Quick Start Guide: A simplified beginner’s guide to using SQL to manage, analyze and manipulate data

If you are a beginner in SQL, a professional who wants to enhance work skills to prepare for a data-driven future, or a developer who wants to extend his knowledge beyond the entire stack, then Walter Shields, author of the SQL Quick Start Guide What will it provide? Will help you get started quickly.

In this comprehensive guide, experienced mentor and SQL expert Walter Shields uses his extensive knowledge to make the topic of relational database management accessible, easy to understand, and highly feasible.

The SQL Quick Start Guide will make you discover:

  • The basic structure of the database-what they are, how they work and how to navigate them successfully
  • Regardless of the size of the database, how to use SQL to retrieve and understand the data (assisted by a large number of images and examples)
  • The most important SQL queries and how and when to use them for best results
  • SQL professional applications and how to “sell” new SQL skills to your employer, as well as other considerations to promote career development

After reading this book on Amazon, please click the following link to make your friends envy your skills:

SQL Quick Start Guide: A simplified beginner’s guide to using SQL to manage, analyze, and manipulate data

2. Expose SQL Server 2019: including big data clusters and machine learning

Bob Ward, the author of this resource, has done a great job in deep analysis and interpretation of SQL Server 2019. SQL Server 2019 is no longer just a database engine, it is also a leader in supporting data virtualization for machine learning (ML), big data analysis, Linux, containers, Kubernetes, Java and Azure. It is powerful.

This book starts with the goals of the project team and integrates the big data world with SQL Server into a major product version. Then, this book uses the “example learning” method to target modern developers’ intelligent performance, security, mission-critical availability, and functionality, and delves into the details of key new features in SQL Server 2019. It also introduces enhancements to SQL Server 2019 for Linux, and provides a comprehensive introduction to SQL Server using containers and Kubernetes clusters.

What you will learn

  • Use SQL Server, Spark and HDFS to implement big data clusters
  • Create a data center connected to Oracle, Azure, Hadoop and other sources
  • Combine SQL and Spark to build a machine learning platform for AI applications
  • Use smart performance to improve performance without changing applications
  • Improve the security of SQL Server through security zones and data classification
  • Maximize database uptime through online indexing and accelerated database recovery
  • Build new modern applications using Graph, ML Services and Java’s T-SQL scalability
  • Improve the ability to deploy SQL Server on Linux
  • Gain in-depth knowledge to run SQL Server using containers and Kubernetes
  • Learn about all new database engine features related to performance, availability and diagnostics
  • Use the latest tools and methods to migrate the database to SQL Server 2019
  • Apply your knowledge of SQL Server 2019 to Azure

Once thoroughly internalized, digested, practiced and followed the guidance of this book, you will never be the same again. Everything is different. Click the link below to get your copy from Amazon bu:

Uncovering SQL Server 2019: including big data clusters and machine learningBest Microsoft SQL Server Books in 2020

3. SQL Server 2019 for Murach developers

As a developer, an additional understanding of how the database works can increase efficiency, communication between IT teams and better performance, because you will be able to design the application as a whole. Therefore, if you are an application developer or are undergoing training, the latest version of this Murach classic SQL Server book is tailored for you.

First, it will display the SQL statements you need to retrieve and update the data in the database. These are the SQL statements you use every day. Then, it shows you how to design the database, how to implement the design and how to use the database functions with FILESTREAM storage, such as views, scripts, stored procedures, functions, triggers, transactions, security, XML data and BLOB data.

The main purpose of this book is to enable you to create completely professional database applications. You will be familiar with DBA-related issues that make your work much more effective than most colleagues. And, you will get convenient reference materials to answer questions and cope with emerging challenges.

Go to Amazon through the following link to get this resource and make your developer career go beyond other fields:

SQL Server 2019 for Murach developersBest Microsoft SQL Server Books in 2020

4. Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition

With practical resources fully revised, it can be immediately up and running on Microsoft SQL Server 2016. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to SQL management and development, and provides complete details on the latest business intelligence, reporting, and security features.

“Microsoft SQL Server 2016: A Beginner’s Guide” (Sixth Edition) is full of new practical examples and hands-on exercises. It first explains the basic relational database system concepts. From there, you will learn how to write Transact-SQL statements, perform simple and complex database queries, handle system management and security, and use powerful analysis and BI tools. This step-by-step guide will also introduce XML, spatial data and full text search.

  • Fully revised to cover the latest version of SQL Server
  • Not only suitable as a self-study guide, but also as a classroom textbook
  • Written by famous professor and best-selling author

The following is a link to the book:

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Beginner’s Guide, Sixth EditionBest Microsoft SQL Server Books in 2020

5. SQL: Learn SQL (using MySQL) in one day and learn well

Have you ever heard of data, databases, and SQL, and want to know their full meaning? Or maybe you just found a new job and need to learn SQL quickly? This book accurately understands what you are going through and is your assistant. You no longer have to get lost in scattered tutorials online, and you do n’t have to waste time and money learning SQL from lengthy books and expensive online courses.

This book provides examples of all concepts taught so that you can try different SQL commands yourself. In addition, at the end of this book, you will be guided through a complete project that requires the application of all the concepts previously taught. Working in a project will not only bring you a great sense of accomplishment, but will also help you retain knowledge and master the language for future use.

What you will learn

  • Database and DBMS
  • What is SQL
  • The software you need to write SQL program code
  • How to create databases and tables in SQL
  • Common data types in SQL
  • How to enter data into the database
  • How to select data from SQL table
  • How to use aggregate functions
  • How to write JOIN and UNION statements
  • SQL view
  • How to write SQL triggers
  • How to write stored procedures and functions
  • How to use IF and CASE statements to make decisions
  • How to use WHILE, REPEAT and LOOP statements to control program flow
  • Cursors and how to use them, etc.

To purchase this book from Amazon, click the link below and acquire your SQL skills.

SQL: Learn SQL (using MySQL) in one day and learn well. Beginner SQL for hands-on projects. (Quickly learn coding through hands-on projects)Best Microsoft SQL Server Books in 2020

6. Practical SQL: A beginner’s guide to data narrative

Practical SQL written by Anthony DeBarros is a quick start guide to SQL (Structured Query Language) (a standard programming language used to define, organize, and browse data in relational databases). This book focuses on using the popular open source database PostgreSQL and pgAdmin interface as the main tools, using SQL to find the story told by the data.

First, you will introduce the basics of databases and SQL languages, and then develop skills by analyzing data from the US Census and other federal and state government agencies. In each chapter there are exercises and practical examples. Even if you have not used programming, this book will teach those who have never used all the tools needed to build a powerful database and quickly and efficiently access information.

What you will learn from practicing SQL

how is it:

  • Use your own data to create databases and related tables
  • Define the correct data type for your information
  • Summarize, sort and filter data to find patterns
  • Use basic math and advanced statistical functions
  • Identify errors in data and clear them
  • Import and export data using delimited text files
  • Write query geographic information system (GIS)
  • Create advanced queries and automate tasks

Get a copy now to take full advantage of the knowledge of SQL covered in this book. Visit Amazon, review the comments and add them to your library by clicking the following link:

Practical SQL: A beginner ’s guide to data narrativeBest Microsoft SQL Server Books in 2020

7. SQL practice problems: 57 beginning, intermediate and advanced challenges

Sylvia Moestl Vasilik did an excellent job excellently and worked hard to make SQL learners the best at solving problems independently. She realized that it was fairly easy to find basic SQL syntax information online. It is difficult to find challenging and reasonably designed practical problems, that is, the types of problems that occur when processing data.

With the help of SQL practice problems, you can gain corresponding experience by solving a series of targeted problems. These are not just questions in the syntax example. These are the most common problems you encounter when processing data. Learning how to solve these problems will give you the skills and confidence to enter your career.

Summary obtained when purchasing SQL practice questions

  • Installation instructions for Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition and SQL Server Management Studio (requires Microsoft Windows). Both are free to download.
  • Customized exercise database and video exercises on how to set up.
  • Exercises-57 problems solved step by step. Targeted tips (if needed) can help you guide the problem.
  • How to “think” in SQL, how to analyze data problems, clarify the basic knowledge, and strive to find a solution you are proud of.
  • Answers and short targeted discussion sections for each question, as well as alternative answers and tips on usage and good programming habits

After reading the concepts of SQL, it is very important to verify your knowledge and skills, and this resource will also help you. Click the link below to take it home to buy from Amazon:

SQL practice problems: 57 beginning, intermediate and advanced challenges that can be solved using the “learning by doing” approachBest Microsoft SQL Server Books in 2020

8. SQL Cookbook: query solutions and technologies for database developers (Cookbook (O’Reilly))

Let’s face it, SQL is a seemingly simple language, and many database developers never go beyond a simple statement: select the SELECT column from the table WHERE condition. But you can use the language to do more things. If you want to learn how to use SQL in the database to do more work before pushing the data to the application through the network, then don’t try to let SQL Cookbook pass this way. Experienced SQL developer Anthony Molinaro wrote in O’Reilly’s popular “problem / solution / discussion” style, sharing his favorite SQL technology and features, and taking your SQL skills to a new level. Moreover, this book quickly transferred from the problem to the solution, saving you every step of the time.

You will learn:

  • The window function is arguably the most important enhancement to SQL in the past decade. If you do not use these, then you will miss
  • Powerful features specific to the database, such as the PIVOT and UNPIVOT operators of SQL Server, the MODEL clause of Oracle, and the very useful GENERATE_SERIES function of PostgreSQL
  • Rotate the pivot table into columns, reverse the pivot table into rows, use perspective charts to facilitate calculations between rows, and double pivot the result set
  • Barreling, and why the term should not be used in Brooklyn.
  • How to create a histogram, summarize data into a bucket, perform summarization within the range of value movement, generate running totals and subtotals, and other advanced data warehouse techniques
  • The technique of traversing strings allows you to use SQL to parse characters, words or delimited elements of strings

Sql Cookbook (O’Reilly)Best Microsoft SQL Server Books in 2020

in conclusion

We are at the core of the information and data era. The collection and analysis of such data will never disappear quickly, thus providing opportunities for many interested people worldwide. With the adoption of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, business intelligence, data analysis, and more areas to be discovered, more and more transaction data professionals will be needed. It is never too late to start your career, improve your strengths and desire to be the best. Thank you for coming, and your adventures and adventures. More resources are listed below for your reference:

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