Best open source slack alternative for team communication

Introduction: Here we will study the best open source alternatives, and you can choose to communicate with your team at work.

relaxation Is one of the most popular work team communication services. Some might call it a glorified IRC, but that doesn’t affect its popularity.

It’s free, with additional features available in its paid plan. Although Slack can be installed on Linux via the Electron app, it is not open source, either client or server.

In this article, I will list several open source Slack alternatives you can try.

Open source Slack alternative

The software mentioned here is open source, which means you can install them on your own server (Self-hosted) To control the data.

You can also choose to pay Hosting For some of these Slack alternatives. Some of them offer free and paid options.

This is how some open source projects make money. You can host it yourself or pay for the hosting services provided by the project itself.

Let’s see what options you need to replace Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Note: The list has no particular ranking order.


Riot Forest

Main highlights:

  • Decentralized communication
  • Cross platform support
  • Established matrix
  • Support for self-hosting
  • Support for third-party integration
  • Free and paid options are available for hosting

Riot has been a good alternative to Slack since the first stable release, but it provides many basic features that many Slack users can use. You can choose to use a public Matrix server or a premium hosting server for free.

First, you will get cross-platform support, so once you set up your own server (or use a free public server), all you have to do is create a room / community. The room is like a channel, and the community acts as a new group / server.

From sending messages to attaching files, everything should work fine. However, you may find it difficult to enable end-to-end encryption for the rooms you join. You can consult the official FAQ Document Available.

Just follow Official installation instructions Start. There are many more places to explore, give it a try!


2. Zulip chat

Zulip Chat screenshot

Main highlights:

  • Advanced thread conversation
  • Support for self-hosting
  • Integration support with Matrix
  • Also includes third-party integrations on GitHub
  • Cross-platform
  • Free and paid options available

Zulip Chat is a great open source team chat software.

Compared to Slack, Zulip Chat is not limited to open source enthusiasts, but also provides some very useful features. Bonus points for topical conversations that can be filtered by topic. So you can go back to the conversation a few hours ago and scroll down for hours that might not be suitable for you.

The UI may not be as good as Slack, but it is enough for most users. You can either choose to install Zulip on your server or use Zulip’s hosting solution for free (limited) (or upgrade it to unlock features). You can also check out theirs GitHub page understand more.

Zulip chat

3. Rocket.Chat

Rocket Chat

Main highlights:

  • Cross-platform
  • Customer Support Service Desk Integration Support
  • Real-time translation
  • Audio / video conference
  • Third party integration
  • Support for self-hosting
  • Free and paid options available

Rocket.Chat is also an impressive Slack alternative that you can choose for your work or organization. In fact, we are considering using it for internal team communication at It’s FOSS.

The user interface is great and you have the option to customize the look by creating your own theme pack. In addition to all the basic features provided by Slack, it also supports video / audio conferencing, which is important for some people. You can host it yourself for free with limited features, or you can choose advanced cloud hosting options.

Using end-to-end encryption in Rocket.Chat is also a one-click task. Personally, I prefer the user experience to the other users on the list-but this is just me personally. You can also follow their activity GitHub page to know more information.

Rocket Chat

4. the most important

The most important slack alternative

Main highlights:

  • Cross-platform
  • Tailored for business use
  • Free and paid options
  • Live group chat
  • Third party integration
  • Support for self-hosting
  • Support UI / UX customization

Unlike other companies, Mattermost is a Slack alternative for businesses. If you don’t want to use it for personal use, you won’t be surprised.

You can choose to deploy the open source version for free, but only for free features. Therefore, you will most likely have to request a trial key before purchasing a Mattermost license.

For obvious reasons, you won’t be able to try anything on your desktop unless you have a trial key, as the demo is limited to their online website as a temporary session. Unless you are an enterprise that needs to be very similar to Slack but open source, I don’t think you need it. You can also check theirs if needed GitHub page.

the most important


Wired communication applications

Main highlights:

  • Cross-platform
  • No free option (30-day trial available)
  • Text, voice and video chat
  • Focus on privacy
  • Self-hosted option available for businesses

In a previous article, we have covered Wire as an alternative to Slack. This is indeed a useful open source solution that focuses on privacy while providing advanced UX for users who want to switch from Slack to users.

If you want a custom deployment for Wire, you need to choose an advanced, enterprise-centric plan. You can try hosted professional (desktop / mobile) for free for up to 30 days, but you need to contact them for private hosted deployment.

You can learn more on their website GitHub page Or just visit the official website via the button below.


wrap up

Slack is definitely a great team chat application, but if you want to stick with an open source solution, you can try one of the suggestions below.

I recommend that you re-read the main points mentioned in each of the applications mentioned above to help you make your decision.

Feel free to try them and let me know what you think in the comments. Also, if I missed something that could be an open source Slack alternative, please let me know!