Blanket: Ambient noise application for Linux that helps you stay focused and increase productivity (released version 0.4.0)

blanket It is an application for playing environmental noise, which can increase your productivity and help you stay focused or fall asleep.

The lightweight application has many sounds such as rain, storm, ocean waves, trains, cities, cafes, fireplaces, pink and white noises. Each sound has an adjustable volume slider, allowing you to mix various sounds at will. You can also add your own custom sounds.

You only need to use the Blanket user interface to set the sound to be used.Enable Keep playing when closed Option, then turn it off, and then control its volume from the tray applet that supports MPRISv2, such as the sound menu in Linux Mint, the “Date/Time” widget available by default in GNOME Shell (you can also use the third party MPRIS sound widgets, such as Mpris indicator button GNOME Shell extension), and so on:

Blanket mpris indicator GNOME Shell

Why use it instead of one of many websites that provide similar services? For starters, this is a free and open source application. It can also work offline, and you can add your own custom sounds. You can also mix sounds if you want (although I guess some websites allow you to mix sounds). And it is lightweight and can even be used without opening the UI.

A few hours ago, Blanket has been updated to version 0.4.0, with 6 new sounds (waves, birds, trains, streams, boats and cities), and the sound of rain is replaced by a new audio file.

The latest version also adds the ability to start applications in the background at startup, so you can use it even without touching its UI.

Other changes in Blanket 0.4.0 include:

  • Jakub Steiner’s new sound icon
  • Improvements in sound, UI and performance
  • New translations and bug fixes

After this version, by default, these are all the sounds available in Blanket:

  • Nature: rain, storm, wind, waves, streams, birds and summer night
  • Travel: train, ship and city
  • Interior: coffee shop and fireplace
  • Noise: pink noise and white noise

Download blanket

You can install Blanket from Flathub, install it on openSUSE from the multimedia repository, or use it available for Arch Linux/Manjaro (AUR), Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Pop! _OS (PPA), one of the third-party packages of Fedora (copr). ).

All these packages are linked on the blanket GitHub project page, So please visit it for details. Please note that at the time of writing, only the Flatpak package has been updated to the latest Blanket 0.4.0 (yes, even the AUR package is outdated; it’s weird, right? ?️).

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