Blender 2.91 released with better cloth engraving, improved animation tools

Blender 2.91 was released on Wednesday as the fourth major release in 2020. It features improved user experience, powerful new Booleans, better cross-sculpting to support collisions, volume object modifiers, improved animation tools and more.

The changes in Blender 2.91 are as follows:

  • Introduces sculpt cross brush and filter collision support.
  • New sculpt trim tool.
  • Curve and text objects now support custom bevel profiles
  • Volume objects’ new modifiers allow them to be dynamically converted to meshes, making them ideal for stylized fluids.
  • Convert the mesh to a volume and combine it with the new volume display modifier.
  • Convert images to grease pencil objects with just one click!
  • The material’s new holdout option allows you to paint holes in strokes and fill areas.
  • Support for property search and fuzzy search.
  • Outliner color, drag and drop support.
  • The animation curve is clearer.
  • Click to convert the proxy object to an override.
  • For other changes, Release notes ..

How to install Blender 2.91 on Ubuntu:

Blender is the official Ubuntu binary Snap package , Can be installed directly from Ubuntu software.

Blender is also available as a Universal Flatpak package, repository ..

For those who like to install .deb There are packages via apt, reliable ones Ubuntu PPA It has not been updated to v2.91 at the time of writing, but it is available.

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