Browse Wikipedia offline with WebArchives for Linux

Web Archive It is a web archive reader for Linux desktops. It provides the ability to browse articles offline from Wikipedia or Wikisource in multiple languages.

The application is useful for users who do not have a permanent Internet connection or use a metered connection-offline resources can be downloaded from a friend’s home, copied to a USB stick and imported into WebArchives. Or maybe you want to do some research somewhere in a mountainous area without internet. No problem, please install WebArchives and download the Wikipedia source before installing the laptop. After downloading the source code, you can read, search and browse Wikipedia without an Internet connection.
The software supports reading ZIM files. ZIM files are an open file format that can store Wiki content for offline use. It also provides download links from a large number of sources, including Wikipedia, Stack Exchange website (including code review, super user , AskUbuntu, Bitcoin, etc.). . ), ArchWiki, RationalWiki, TED talks, Vikidia, WikiMed Medical Encyclopedia, Wikinews, Wikisource, etc.
WebArchives does not directly download Wikipedia and other sources (it does not have a built-in download manager). The application contains links to these sources and provides the ability to start downloading in a web browser or using the BitTorrent client.
In the WebArchive interface, you can choose the language of the source to download, but as expected, you will find that there are fewer sources in languages ​​other than English, and some of these sources require a lot of hard disk space to download. However, WebArchives provides multiple versions of download links, including or not including media such as pictures or videos. In this way, you can decide whether you need pictures and videos and download the appropriate archive.
The application has a concise interface that respects GNOME HIG and provides a simple list of recent, local and remote resources. To browse offline resources such as Wikipedia, WebArchive provides search functions, bookmarks, history, zoom controls, and basic night mode. The user interface also provides options for opening new tabs or windows.Offline Wikipedia Linux

Other features include keyboard shortcuts, print page options, and random page buttons.
It is planned to provide many other functions in future versions, including full-screen mode, support for directories, response mode, global search, etc.
Web file utilization Kiwi Archive the database. Unfortunately, Kiwix is ​​another good tool for browsing websites such as Wikipedia offline, but at least in my opinion, Linux is not always reliable. In fact, the Linux download available on the Kiwix website currently cannot be launched on my Ubuntu 18.04 desktop.

Install WebArchives in Linux

When running WebArchives for the first time, the remote source may not get any results. In this case, please click the refresh button next to the “Remote” source in the WebArchives main user interface, and then wait-you should get a list of sources available for download/offline reading within a few seconds.