Call of Duty MW: Game Modes to Try

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Since 2003, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” (or CoD) has continued to win the favor of millions of players worldwide. In the latest game released in 2019, the developers surprised CoD fans with improved graphics and new storylines. These graphics and new storylines have been loved and criticized by many players. Nonetheless, those features that make CoD one of the most successful shooting games on the market are the availability of exciting multiplayer modes. Let us discuss some of them in this article.

Top 7 fast CoD game modes you can try

Since the game was released, “Call of Duty” has launched many game modes and updates. The multiplayer menu allows to launch quick games with most popular modes.If you are not confident enough, you can organize CoD MW upgrade And enjoy the following game options.

  1. Team deathmatch (Maximum 6 players per team)-It requires the player to kill the opponent or get a higher score than the opponent within 10 minutes to get 75 points.
  2. Network attacks (Maximum 6 players per team)-In this mode, your team must plant a bomb or dissipate it. However, even if the bomb has spread, the game will not stop until one team eliminates the opponent.
  3. rule (Maximum 6 players per team)-The purpose of the game is to capture the flag and keep it there, as long as the team manages to score 200 points.
  4. All free (1 player)-In this mode, you must fight your opponents alone and kill as many people as possible. Your task is to get 30 points or get the best result at the end of the game.
  5. Infected (2 groups)-This mode takes the player into the world of infected zombies. The members of the healthy team must eliminate the zombies, and the zombies can infect healthy players and make them fight against the previous team.
  6. Gun battle game (1 player)-After selecting this option, you will immerse yourself in the situation of changing weapons after killing each new opponent. Your task is to get the winning points.
  7. head office (2 teams)-The goal of the team is to capture the opponent’s headquarters and hold for at least 30 seconds. The game ends when the time is over or one of the teams scores 200 points.

bbqTlELHAqxPEVKvvw1pstnX7mXF3eixdlYdD vdbRdn fiCqMtiO2KnTrpAt the same time, there are more specific modes available outside the quick play menu. For example, “Ground War” is an expanded version of “Domination” in which a team of 32 players must capture five objects on the big map. At the same time, players can use vehicles such as tanks. In addition, there is a combination of deathmatch and dominance mode. The winner must get 300 points by killing enemies or capturing flags.

Finally, the list of available game modes is not limited to the above options. Try all of these to become a real Pro. good luck!

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose