Calligra Office Suite – Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentation Vector Graphics Drawing

Calligra is a free open source office and graphics suite for Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and MacOS. This office suite comes with a word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, and vector graphics drawing applications named Calligra Words, Calligra Sheets, Calligra Stage, and Karbon. This is a kde project and is one of the best alternatives to LibreOffice and Microsoft Office.

Install Calligra Office on Ubuntu Linux

Calligra is available in the Ubuntu standard repository and can be installed via a terminal command line application. Open a terminal and run the following commands one at a time. The latest versions of Calligra Woods, Calligra Sheets, Calligra Stage, and Karbon will be installed on your Ubuntu Linux system.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y calligra

Caligula's words

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Caligula sheet


You can also use this command to install the Calligra plan separately. Calligra Plan is a project management application and part of the Calligra Office Suite project, but it is not included by default in the above packages.

sudo apt install calligraplan

Caligula plan

In this way, you can install Calligra Kexi individually using the following command: Calligra KEXI is a free visual database application creator software.

sudo apt install kexi


You can verify and confirm the installation using the following commands.

calligra --version

that’s all.

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