Can the company track employee activities?

Picture src: Pixabay

Have you ever thought that you can track basic and complex data on the network in order to identify information leaks from the inside?

Well, due to technical reasons, it is actually fully available now. Called User activity monitoring system, And they are changing the way companies and large entities protect their information from within.

This is pretty advanced content, but you might be wondering what it means. Well, there are many different changes in user activity monitoring today, but there are a few key things in common.

Screen activity

One of the functions of most UAMs is that the system can monitor the ongoing activity on the screen and store that data permanently.

This is helpful to see whose computer is running on a rough website and may bring malicious viruses. Seeing what is happening on the screen will help you find the root cause of the bad situation.

Time and attendance

Another factor that may be beneficial to you is to see who is when and at which specific time.

If someone encounters something they shouldn’t do, then you can know who the suspect is because you have data about who is on which computer and is performing bad behavior to damage the system.

It can also be used to analyze people and see their time invested and normal time. If you find that someone is working 24/7, you may find that the account is incorrect and may be affected.

Email monitoring

If an email enters your network and is spam, or may be harmful when opened, then you want to be able to track it.

This is why email monitoring is essential for companies that want to add a layer of protection to their systems and create a buffer between employees and spam.

The real benefit is to look at user activity monitoring systems with advanced email monitoring capabilities. It can also detect inappropriate emails among employees or that also require attention.

User activity monitoring systems will continue to exist, and it is great to see what they can do in the next few years. In the past ten years, they have come a long way, and it is interesting that even if small businesses realize the importance of this trend, they have joined the trend.

They collect a lot of data, which you can then use to detect fraud, harmful security breaches and track key indicators of employees. For companies and entities in the next few years, it will indeed be a vital system!