Can you use Linux to play games?

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The video game industry is booming. Its global revenue in 2016 exceeded US$100 billion, and it is expected to break the barrier of US$200 billion in just a few years. A large part of the market is made up of computer games. With platforms such as Steam, gamers can easily find and play new content without leaving home.

However, most computer game players still use Windows. But why is this, can Linux be used for games?

What is Linux?

For many reasons, Linux is a popular operating system among many tech-savvy people. Its almost universal compatibility, flexibility for many different purposes, the fact that it is much cheaper than any other similar product, and the improved security level it provides are some of the main reasons.

Other Linux enthusiasts were just happy that they did not purchase Microsoft software, which even led to the Windows Refund Day in February 1999. People all over the world saw copies of Windows 95 and 98 En-Masse they didn’t need, and hundreds of them appeared. To the company headquarters in Redmond.

In the 20 years since then, as Linux has become more user-friendly and well-known, the popularity of Linux has increased. Distros like Ubuntu provide a great help, these distros come with an interface that can make Linux look less daunting. It has been 29 years since the 0.02 version of the Linux kernel was released to the public. Windows still dominates the market and is expected to become a reality for many years to come.

Software compatibility

Although Linux has become more and more popular in recent years, the operating system still only accounts for 1.53% of the global market share. This puts it behind Chrome OS, which is a Linux-based operating system owned by Google that has only appeared for a few years.

Tom Greenwood said in a 2018 article entitled “Why do ordinary people not use Linux” that the main problem hindering Linux is that many mainstream applications are not yet available for OS. This includes commercial software packages such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

Of course, most of them can use alternative products such as FreeOffice, but this means that users need to get used to several different software immediately. For gamers, this situation has improved a lot in recent years, and now Linux has become a real option that many people can consider.Many titles are now available locally on the operating system, including CS: GO, Borderlands 2 and Tomb Raider .

Now, with HTML5, many games can be played directly in a web browser. This means that users can access popular games such as Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool, which has proven to be very popular in India.


For games that cannot be played on this machine, players can still use a solution to make them work on Linux computers. Wine is a software conversion tool that can convert commands issued by Windows applications into commands that Linux OS can understand. This means that most games can be played after jumping to the Linux distribution.

For example, PokerStars India offers a feature called “Home Game”, which allows you to host your own private poker club.Can’t be accessed through a browser, but Users must download the company’s software , Only for Windows. However, Linux users don’t have to miss it, because Wine can make applications run on open source OS.

By using Wine, you can also make many blockbuster works run on Linux. For example, “Battlefield: Bad Company 2” Despite some glitches, the effect is still very good , Just like “Doom”, although there are indeed some errors.

in conclusion

Overall, Linux has made great strides in its 29 years. It has proven itself to be an operating system that can adapt to many different uses, although software compatibility issues still hinder it.

However, gamers can overcome this problem and use the operating system to play most (if not all) of their favorite games without encountering any major problems. With the help of translation tools such as Wine, even games that are not supported by this machine can run normally on the platform.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose

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