Caprine is a privacy-conscious Facebook Messenger desktop application

Is anyone still using Facebook Messenger? If you want, you can use the following Facebook Messenger desktop application. goat skin It is an Electron Facebook Messenger application focused on privacy. I know that Facebook and privacy shouldn’t be really used in the same sentence unless it has the word’lack’, but Caprine tries to improve this by preventing Facebook from tracking the links you click. Hide the last viewed/entered indicator, and a way to quickly disable receiving desktop notifications.

Caprine tray Linux
Caprine tray icon to notify unread mail ( Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome Shell)

In addition to the Electron desktop integration that is common in similar applications, Caprine also includes many features, such as desktop notifications, unread mail flags at the top of the taskbar icon, etc. For example, for “work chat: Workplace Messenger” support, you can choose from the Caprine File menu. Or support using Markdown syntax to send code blocks.
Since Caprine uses Electron, it can run on Linux, Windows and MacOS desktops.

Caprine Desktop Facebook Messanger application
Caprine uses dark theme and compact mode

You can also use dark and compact modes, as well as the option of switching window vibration effects on Mac OS.
Other Caprine features include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Image Pasting Confirmation: The application will ask you before sending the image from the clipboard to avoid pasting the wrong image
  • Startup can be minimized (to tray)

The application does not yet support multiple languages ​​(for trays, menus, etc.), but the function is currently exist executed.

Download Caprine


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