Cast to TV v10 GNOME extension adds support for casting to other Linux devices

Cast to TV The GNOME Shell extension v10 brings Playercast application support, allowing users to remotely cast media files from GNOME Shell to other Linux devices on the same network.
Cast to TV is an extension of GNOME Shell that can cast videos, music, and pictures to a Chromecast or other device over your local network. It supports instant video transcoding (for videos that cannot be played directly on the device), customizable subtitles, and a music visualizer can be displayed when playing music. To control the device, the Gnome Shell extension adds a new button with a playback control on the top panel.
The latest v10 version of the Cast to TV extension does not provide any exciting features of Chromecasts, but it does bring support for the Playercast app.player Is a small, simple application that runs in the background and can turn any Linux computer on the same network (whether it is another Linux desktop, Raspberry Pi, etc.) into a Cast to TV receiver. No matter what desktop environment you use, you can install Playercast on a Linux device, and you can use “Cast to TV” installed on the host computer to cast media files to that device.

You also need to install mpv On a remote device, because that’s how Playercast will be used to stream media cast from GNOME Shell. VLC is planned to be supported in a future release.
Playercast supports all media types supported by Cast to TV: video (with closed captions), music and pictures. If you use it with an HDMI-CEC capable device (such as a Raspberry Pi) and a TV, you can use the TV’s remote control to control it (on Raspbian, make sure to install the cec-utils package to work properly) . : Cast Video from Linux to Chromecast with GnomecastCast to TV Extension Remote

Using Cast to TV to cast media to another Linux computer means you can also control the playback of remote media. You can pause, search or stop playing music or video, and go to the next image when projecting multiple images.
Some other changes in GNOME Shell’s Cast to TV v10 extension:

  • Added the ability to turn on / off background services: In the Cast Media menu, there is a new item “Turn off”
  • The extension settings will notify the user when nodejs or npm is not installed
  • The extension should now correctly detect and display music covers from external files named cover.jpg (or png) in the same folder as the selected music track

Install the Cast to TV GNOME extension

Although it can be played on TV, It has not been updated to the latest version. The extension also requires some dependencies to be installed manually. For step-by-step installation instructions, follow the steps in this article (scroll down to “How to install …”).
To install the new Playercast app and use it as a receiver for Cast to TV, visit Its dedicated page. It is worth noting that Playercast requires Cast to TV v10 or higher. On the remote computer where you want to install Playercast, you need to install npm (to be able to install Playercast), and mpv Play what you cast.