Cast To TV v8 GNOME extension adds support for multiple Chromecast, automatic subtitle encoding

Cast to TVThis is a GNOME extension for casting videos, music, and pictures to a Chromecast or other device over your local network. It is now updated to v8, which also adds some important features.

Cast to TV v8 can support multiple Chromecast devices. To select a Chromecast device for casting local media, open the extension settings, click the refresh icon next to the “Chromecast Selection” item, and populate a drop-down list next to it with a list of available Chromecast devices for your local network.
Another important addition is automatic subtitle encoding. Previously, the Cast to TV setting had an option that allowed users to manually choose a subtitle encoding-since this is now done automatically, the character encoding option has been removed from its settings.
Miscellaneous Variety:

  • Gnome 3.32 compatibility
  • Chromecast remote will show the name of the file currently playing
  • File picker will show icon and correct app name
  • Initial add-on support
  • Improved remote behavior when using other devices to control playback
  • Improved themes, messages and load times for web player websites

Since I’ve published an exhaustive article on Cast to TV with a list of features, usage, and installation instructions, please visit this link because it doesn’t make sense to post the same information twice.


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