Basic CentOS Linux Commands – Before learning the tools of a CentOS Linux Administrator, it is important to note the philosophy behind the Linux.

How to install and configure Cyber ​​Panel on CentOS 8

Cyber ​​Panel is an open source free web hosting panel that uses Open Lite Speed web server. It has two versions: free and corporate. The free version uses Open Lite Speed, and the enterprise version uses the Lite Speed ​​web server. It offers many features such as AutoSSL, backup and restore, and multiple website hosting…. read more »

Centos 8. Installing and Getting Started with MariaDB

MariaDB is an open and free source backward compatible database management framework that works widely as a MySQL binary substitution. This is a branch created and based on the Oracle MySQL service community. It has multiple threads and is a multi-user SQL database server. It was developed by several of the original MySQL creators and… read more »

How to Install WordPress Multisite on Centos with Nginx

In our previous article, we explained how to install Multisite WordPress on your CentOS equipped with an Apache web server. Today we are going to show you how to set up Multisite WordPress on your CentOS, but with a web server. Nginx… Let’s start. First, stop and remove Apache from startup: /etc/init.d/httpd stop chkconfig httpd… read more »

How to install and configure a DHCP server on Centos 8

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is used to automatically assign an IP address to mobile devices, laptops, PCs, and other network devices so that they can communicate. It uses a connectionless service model using UDP (Custom Datagram Protocol) .DHCP uses the well known UDP port 67 for the DHCP server and UDP port 68 for… read more »

How to install OCS inventory asset management software CentOS 8

How to install OCS inventory asset management software CentOS 8 OCS “Next Generation Open Computer and Software Inventory” is an open source asset management solution that can be used to inventory IT assets. It works by collecting the hardware and software information of the remote computer running the OCS client program and visualizing the inventory… read more »

Bringing up a WordPress web server in Docker for development

Sometimes, pure WordPress is required to test plugins, themes, and functional improvements. In this article, I will demonstrate how I deploy a working environment with a ready-made web server (Nginx + php-fpm + MariaDB) and the final WordPress release installed. Requirements For work we need: Virtualization software VirtualBox Form CentOS 8.2 (7.2 Gb) Hosting where… read more »

How to install WordPress multisite on Centos with Apache

Today we are going to show you the process of installing a WordPress Multisite Site on your Centos. The Multisite WordPress option became available with WordPress 3.0. This feature allows you – the site administrator – to create multiple websites without having to install separate WordPress instances, create separate home directories or separate databases. Or,… read more »