Check Weather Forecasts in Movistar’s UHD Deco

Movistar allows us to access a UDH Smart WiFi decoder or UDH Decoder with our television rate and that allows us to see all the streaming content of the different channels, series, movies or premiere documentaries. But it also has other interesting functions that we can access beyond watching television. For example, you can see the weather from your Movistar UHD decoder without using another specific device.

If you want to know what the weather will be now that the cold starts to go away, you can do it from the decoder. You will not need your own weather station to check the temperature or the probability of rainfall, but just use the remote control both to know the weather in your city and in other cities, on the same day as the weather forecast for the next few days.

How to check the weather

To check the time, you must access the Movistar UDH 4K decoder through the Movistar Voice Command and access the “Apps” section that you will find in the menu, on the left side. Once inside the applications section we can access all the software that we have installed or everything that is available to start using. From now on, you will see the Living App of El Tiempo. When you see the icon of it, tap on it to check the weather forecasts in the place where you are, as you can see in the video.

The weather will automatically appear in the next few hours: the maximum and minimum temperature for today, if it will rain or not, if it will be sunny … The data that we will find are the following:

  • City you are in or town
  • State of the sky
  • Maximum expected temperature
  • Minimum expected temperature
  • Thermal sensation
  • Rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Estimated temperature next hours

At the bottom we can choose several options. For example, “find location”. This will allow us to access the Movistar + search engine to write the town we want to save or write the postal code of it. You will see the maximum and minimum forecast, the thermal sensation, the precipitations, the humidity and the wind. You will also see the forecast for the next few hours and days. And it will allow us to touch the button “Save to favorites” if you want to always have it at hand and not resort to searching every time you need to check the weather.

The steps are easy and simple and it will only take a few seconds to do it. In addition, the application will allow us to choose whether to see the degrees in Celsius or Fahrenheit or configure our favorite locations to consult them.

Use voice

If you want to use your voice to access, it is also possible if you have the Movistar + Voice Command or if you use Movistar Home linked to the operator’s decoder. We simply have to press the Aura button on the main menu and say “Open Time” . The corresponding application will appear on the TV screen and you will be able to ask Aura to scroll through the different menus to be able to check the weather, the thermal sensation or the rainfall.

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