Command Line Tool: HTOP

Command top displays Linux processes, and one of the first packages that I installed on a fresh Linux installation is the advanced, interactive viewer HTOP… Nice Look and Usability: View cpu and memory usage, system load and uptime, kills wobbly processes, and more!

Installation: On Ubuntu / Debian

$ sudo apt install htop lsof

Useful commands in HTOP

To search for a specific Process ID (PID), simply enter the number in the HTOP box and press ENTER to select.

Menu function keys F1-> F10 may conflict with your desktop environment settings. Fortunately, there are many hotkeys, and these are the ones I find most useful …

help menu
toggles the tree view that displays all processes
show all files opened by process (uses LSOF)
select user and show only processes belonging to this ID
process search by keyword

The filter processes by keywords
Shift + F
follow the process
Shift +.
Sort menu, inverts Shift + i
Shift + p
shortcode for sorting processes by CPU …
Shift + m
… By memory …
Shift + t
… Or time
switch tag (useful for selecting multiple processes to kill)
Shift + u
remove all tags
kill process menu

Happy hacking!