Convert images and animations to Sizel ANSI Unicode characters using Chafa

Chafa is a free open source command line image to text converter software for Linux and Mac OS. Released under the LGPL-3.0 license. You can use chafa to convert any image, including animated GIFs. It also supports Unicode symbols to improve output. It also supports full-width characters such as Japanese and Korean, Truecolor, 256 colors, 16 colors, simple FG / BG, RGB, DIN99d color spaces and other color modes, alpha transparency support, SIMD optimization and multithreading. I am.

Glyphs can be loaded from any font file supported by Freetype, such as TTF, OTF, PCF. It currently supports the latest and traditional terminals and terminal emulators. Follow the steps below to install Chafa.

Install Chafa on Ubuntu

Chafa is available as a snap and official PPA. You can install chafa using the terminal application.

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Install Chafa via PPA.

Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and run the following command to add chafa PPA and install Chafa.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hpjansson/chafa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install chafa

How to use Chafa:

You can use the following syntax:

chafa [OPTION...] [IMAGE...]

Run this command for the complete man page.



If there is an image in the download folder and the image name is logo.png, execute the following command.

cd Downloads
chafa logo.png

Install Chafa via snap

You can also install from the snap package. To do this, run this chafasnap installation command in your terminal.

sudo snap install chafa --edge

that’s all

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