cpufetch CPU architecture fetch application

cpufetch is a free open source command line CPU architecture fetch tool for Linux, MacOS, Android, and Windows. With cpufetch, you can get semiconductor technology in nanometers, maximum frequency, number of cores and threads, AVX, FMA, L1, L2, L3 cache sizes, and peak performance details. This is similar to the Neofetch tool. You also have the option to change the CPU art with a custom color scheme. Released under the MIT license.

Install cpufetch on Ubuntu

To install, you need to build from source. Open a terminal application. It can be opened with Ctrl + Alt + T or from the application menu.In the terminal run

sudo apt install git

The latest version of git will be installed on your system. If you already have git installed on your system, skip the steps above. Then run the following commands one at a time.

git clone https://github.com/Dr-Noob/cpufetch

Then go to the source folder and compile using the following command:

cd cpufetch && make

And finally, you can run it with the following command:


that’s it.

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