cpupower-GUI – A simple graphical tool for adjusting CPU frequency

CPUPower-GUI is a simple graphical utility that allows you to change the frequency limits of the CPU and its governor.

Use this tool to adjust the slider[適用]With the click of a button, you can easily change the frequency setting based on the CPU core.

You can also change the CPU governor profile. Performance And Balanced .. In addition, the profile can be easily selected from the system tray indicator menu.

The software also provides an option to enable or disable a particular CPU. online Checkbox. If this checkbox is grayed out, it means that this CPU is not allowed to go offline.

How to install cpupower-gui on Ubuntu:

This software is available in the Ubuntu Universe repository for Ubuntu 20.04 and later. However, the package is always old.

To get the latest package opensuse build service page ..

Download and install the .deb package via the Gdebi package installer or by running the apt command in your terminal.

                      sudo apt install ./Downloads/cpupower-gui*.deb

For more information on the source tarball and utilities, go to the following URL: github project page ..

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