Create funny texts from photos with Photoshop

Every time the world of photo editing is reaching the domestic sphere with force, as more users are interested in this area, partly caused by the boom in mobile photography. To deal with images we have a wide range of editing programs, which mainly stands out for Photoshop, developed by Adobe, which has an Elements version, especially aimed at those who enter the world of photography.

Although many users think that Elements is a reduced version of Photoshop CC, something that is not entirely true, since it has almost the same options as this one, but if we go into so much detail. In this way, this photo editor greatly expands the range of users it is aimed at. In addition, it has an assistant that will allow us to perform certain functions in just a few steps and in a completely guided way. One of these features is the ability to convert photos to text.

The Adobe editor for all audiences

And the fact is that if Photoshop Elements is characterized by something, it is because it is an editor focused on all types of users , since it facilitates the way to achieve better results through its different predefined functions that we find in its “Guided” section. One of these options is the possibility of using any image to turn it into an attractive text.

The Guided editing mode offers us an interface similar to that of a common wizard, indicating the steps we must take to carry out different predefined effects. Each guided edit has an associated image that shows us the effect applied once we hover the mouse pointer over the image. These guided editions are grouped into six categories, among which we find Photography Text. With this guided edition we can create visual text with a different photograph within each letter.

Photo Text feature in Photoshop Elements

Within the Photoshop Elements Photo Editor we find the Guided section, with different functions that we can perform through an assistant. In this way, if we go to the Funny Editions section, we find the “Photo text” function that will allow us to convert an image into an attractive visual text. It will only be necessary to open the photo and click on the thumbnail of the function to access.

Once opened in the bar on the right, we find the wizard that will allow us to convert our image to text in just five simple steps that will not take us more than a couple of minutes. Starting by clicking on the “Text Tool” and writing the desired text on the image. Later we select how we want the text to appear in the photo, as well as a background style. Later we can cut out parts of an image to be able to eliminate the extra space that we have left over. Finally and optionally, we can select the intensity of the bevel, the drop shadow and the stroke of the text.

With these simple steps we will have obtained a text based on any image, with more than surprising results. We only have to save it to be able to enjoy it.

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